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Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System

What is NFAAS?

NFAAS, the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System, is an event-based system used by the Navy following a disaster, or other “event,” to help the Navy determine how and where Navy family members are. It is accessed through a user-friendly website (https://navyfamily.navy.mil/) designed to help Navy family members (Active Duty, Reserves, Department of the Navy Civilians, NAF/NEX employees and their immediate family members) who are directly affected by major natural or man-made disasters, such as fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.

  • NFAAS allows you to report your current location, update emergency personal contact information and request assistance (especially if you had to evacuate far away from your home or place of work).
  • Your reporting assists the Navy in knowing where you are, how you are doing and to coordinate with applicable agencies in responding to your needs.
  • NFAAS allows your commanders and supervisors to account accurately for all assigned personnel and their family members.
  • Your reporting assists the Navy leadership and authorities to make better decisions in supporting you and your family, to maintain military readiness and to preserve National Security during a disaster.
  • NFAAS allows case managers to contact you, provide you with important information and assist you in recovering from a crisis.


The Navy, following an event, not only needs to determine Command status and what Navy property was damaged, but how the event impacted Navy families. The Navy uses NFAAS to collect that information and track the recovery process. If an event (earthquake, hurricane, etc.) happens where you live or work, expect that your Command is going to want to know how and where you are.

Don't wait until it's too late.  Be PREPARED for the worst.  Keep your information up to date!

NFAAS: https://navyfamily.navy.mil/

View the Navy Family Member Training on NFAAS.


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