05B4 New Arrivals

New Arrivals

TLA is authorized for a maximum of 30 days. Newly arriving families are required to stay at the Navy Lodge while drawing TLA. Pets are not allowed there and must be boarded (at member’s expense) at the base or local kennel. If space is not available in the Lodge, permission will be given to stay in one of the hotels in the local community. Families may elect to accept a temporary assignment to base housing while seeking a permanent home. Be advised that the homes are furnished but do not come equipped with items such as towels, linens, shower curtains, televisions, cleaning fluids, etc. It is recommended that you pack a few sheets, pillow cases and towels to tide you over until household goods arrive, or have your sponsor make arrangements for you.

Single members E-4 and below will reside in permanent party barracks upon arrival to Rota and are not authorized TLA unless rooms are not available.

Single members E-5 and above will be accommodated in visitors quarters for up to 30 days while drawing TLA. If rooms are not available, your second choice will be the Navy Lodge. The Navy Lodge will provide a statement of non-availability to stay in a hotel on the community as a third choice if they have no rooms available.

Newly arriving personnel are required to report to the Housing Services Center within three days of arrival to Rota with a copy of PCS orders, detaching endorsement, page 2 and page 13. Personnel, who will be assigned family housing on-base, will be assisted by an assignment counselor.  


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