Basic Allowance for Subsistence

The governing regulation for Basic Allowance for Subsistence is the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, (DODFMR) Volume 7A, chapter 25.

Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Basic Allowance for Subsistence policy is contained here:  CNRMAINST 7431.1ACNRMAINST 7431.1A CH-1 and CNRMAINST 7431.1A CH-2.

Retroactive payment of Basic Allowance for Subsistence is not authorized in accordance with MILPERSMAN article 1746-020, paragraph 2d. 

In summary, three items are required:

1.  Special request approved by Commanding Officer;

2.  Special request approved by Galley Food Service Officer; and

3.  Modification of Meal entitlement code on service member's Common Access Card (CAC).


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