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Navy to Issue Letters of Intent for Most Sailors' PCS Moves
Hoteling: Riding the Wave of the Future Work Force
Navy FFSP Staffers Receive Employment Readiness Training to Help Sailors, Families
Navy Reserve Welcomes Seventeen Newest Firefighters
Navy Installations Underway with Transitioning to Defense Biometric
Gold Star Spouses' Day Pays Tribute to Families of the Fallen
New Commander Takes the Helm at Navy Installations Command
Navy Installations Command Earns Recognition for Outstanding CFC Season
Navy Region Southeast Hosts Wounded Warrior Family Symposium
Women's Networking and Resources Group Hosts Resiliency Event
Shore Fire and Emergency Services: Best of the Best
Athletes Earn Spot on 2017 Team Navy
Shore-Based Galleys Win Ney Award
Reserve Force Plays Integral Role in Exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield
Navy Installations, Commands Exercise Force Protection
2017 Wounded Warrior Trials Commence
2017 Warrior Game Spirit Poster Challenge
Navy Installations Command Recognizes 2016 Sailor of the Year
Navy's 2017 Installation Excellence Award Winners Announced
CNIC Supports Training of Warfighters with Advanced Technology
Navy Installations Command Lodging Program Recognizes Operations, Employees
Snowball Express Rides Again
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Discover Your Adventure at the Great Navy Campout This Summer
Athletes Train at Navy's Final 2017 Warrior Games Adaptive Sports Camp
Winner of Navy’s Privacy Program Excellence Award Announced
Navy Wins DoD Civilian Firefighter of the Year
Make a Safe SPLASH This Summer with Navy MWR Aquatics
Renters Insurance No Longer Included in PPV Housing Leases
Navy Rings In Recognition For America’s Fallen Heroes
CNIC Encourages Sailors, Families to Prepare for Emergencies
Citadel Protect Technology Demonstration 2017
Navy Continues to Foster Resiliency to Families of the Fallen
CNIC Supports Navy Wounded Warriors, Team U.S. at 2017 Invictus Games
CNIC Shows it Color, Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Commander, Navy Installations Command Promotes Diversity, Inclusion During Career Fair
CNIC Wounded Warrior Program Hosts Regional Family Symposium
NGIS Opens New, Renovated Rooms at Three CNIC Bases
Navy FFR Celebrates 20 Years of Star Service Excellence
Navy Announces 2018 Installation Excellence Award Winners
Navy Installations and Commands Exercise Force Protection
CNIC Continues to Support Warfighters, Families during possible Government Shutdown
Navy Installations Command Reserve Force Essential to Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield
CNIC Commander Speaks at 2018 Sea-Air-Space
CNIC Hosts Holocaust Survivor at Remembrance Day Event
Gold Star Families ‘Visit’ the Moon, Connect with Others
FFSC Leaders Gather at CNIC HQ, Looking to Future
Reservists Integral to Exercise Citadel Gale Success
CNIC Announces 2017 Fire & Emergency Services Award Winners
CNIC’s Ready Navy Program: ‘Get Ready, Get Set, Prepare!’
Navy Installations prepare for Hurricane Florence
Navy Wounded Warriors Demonstrate Athletic Prowess at 2018 Invictus Games in Australia
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How do I contact a Command Climate Specialist in a region?
Although not every region has a Command Climate Specialist, you can scroll through the Command Climate Specialist Contact List to see if there is an Command Climate Specialist in your region.  If there is not one listed for your region then contact the Commander, Navy Installations Command Force Command Climate Specialist at (202) 433-4325 or DSN 288-4325.

How do I file a formal Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment complaint?
There are numerous ways you can file a formal Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment complaint.  The preferred method is NAVPERS 5354/2. 

Other methods to file formal Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment complaints are:

NAVPERS 1626/7 Report and Disposition of Offense:  Used to process Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment complaints within a command where the Commanding Officer is authorized to provide the requested remedy (redress). The Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment form provides strict timelines and outlines detailed procedures for grievance resolution.

NAVREGS 1150, Redress of Wrong Committed by a Superior.  If a member has a complaint against a superior and does not wish to use the Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment complaint form, they may file a complaint under NAVREGS article 1150, Redress of Wrong Committed by a Superior. To file a complaint under NAVREGS article 1150, the individual should obtain counsel with a lawyer at a local Naval Legal Services Office (NLSO).

UCMJ Article 138, Complaint of Wrongs Against the Commanding Officer.  If the resolution from the complaint under NAVREGS Article 1150 is considered unjust by the complainant, or if the grievance is against the commanding officer, an individual may submit a complaint against the commanding officer under UCMJ Article 138.

As with the NAVREGS Article 1150, the UCMJ Article 138 "complaint of wrong" should be prepared with legal assistance and submitted via the General Court Martial Convening Authority (GCMA) over the accused commanding officer.

Navy or DoD IG - Any member who is not able to receive resolution for their grievance may contact the Navy Inspector General (IG) hotline at (800) 522-3451. The member may use the hotline to file a complaint.

A letter to Congress.  All sailors are advised of their right to contact their elected official at any time. Communication with a Congressman or Senator is considered "protected communication," and as such is afforded specific rights upheld by the Navy legal system and Inspector General.


Do I have to use the informal resolution process before I file a formal complaint?
No.  It is preferred that issues are handled informally at the appropriate level of the chain of command. 

Can I speak to my Commanding Officer about my issue?
Yes.  NAVREGS 1151 Direct Communication with the Commanding Officer provides you with that right.  This process is normally called Request Mast.

If my chain of command is not responding to my complaint what should I do?
Go to the next level in the chain of command and keep going until you receive a response.  If you receive no response you can Request Mast to speak to the commanding officer.  Or you can file a formal complaint.

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