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Oversight Program

In accordance with established internal oversight initiatives, the IG conducts periodic and targeted inspections, evaluations, and assessments designed to prevent and detect fraud, waste, misuse, and/or mismanagement of the command's resources throughout its Regions, installations, activities, and programs. 

In addition to the targeted inspections, special interest studies, and internal reviews conducted by CNIC and Region IG personnel, they perform these three functions:

Compliance Inspections
The Compliance Inspections Program is a function that involves conducting reviews, studies, analyses, or assessments of a command or activity’s operations.  It is an in-house method used to detect deficiencies, improprieties, or inefficiencies, and is intended to provide recommendations that adversely impact mission accomplishment, command/program integrity, or economical use of command resources.  Compliance Inspections include various types of compliance reviews for both appropriated and non-appropriated fund activities to ascertain if effective management controls are in place.  Complaince Inspections serve as an effective measure of prevention and deterrence for fraud, waste, and mismanagement. 

External Oversight Audit Liaison
External Oversight Audit Liaisons in the CNIC and Region IG offices serve as the single point of contact for audits, area visits, reviews, studies, assessments, and evaluations conducted throughout the CNIC enterprise by external agencies, including, but not limited to the U.S. General Accountability Office, Department of Defense Inspector General, Naval Audit Service, and the Naval Inspector General. 

The primary responsibility of the audit liaison is to coordinate and manage audit decisions and audit follow-up between GAO, DoD IG, NAVINSGEN, and CNIC to ensure prompt corrective actions.


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