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Navy Installations Command celebrates the 104th year of the Navy Reserve


03/04/19 09:12 AM

By: Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Womble, Commander, Navy Installations Command

March 3rd marks the 104th birthday of the Navy Reserve and celebrates the flexibility, responsiveness, and unique skills that members of the reserve force bring to the Navy. 

Within Navy Installations Command, there are approximately 3,500 reservists augmenting units around the world. From safety and security to family readiness, reservists are playing a vital role throughout the shore enterprise.

The timely, cost-effective operational capabilities that the reserve force provides are evident in how seamlessly they assimilate into any simulated or real-life mission. The flexibility of the reserve force is never better showcased than when there is an emergency, whether it be a natural disaster or a hostile act against our country. 

In the force protection exercise, Citadel Shield- Solid Curtain, reservists from across the CNIC enterprise augmented the Navy Security Forces, Fire and Emergency Services and manned the watch in operation centers across the country. 

Under the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Installations Command is responsible for providing support services for the fleet, fighter and family with more than 52,000 military and civilian personnel under 10 regions and 71 installations worldwide.

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Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Womble is a Reserve Public Affairs Officer attached to Commander, Navy Installations Command.