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New Inspector Credentialing Course Aims to Improve Navy Housing


09/27/19 02:48 PM

From Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As part of the on-going effort to improve residents’ housing experience, the Navy kicked off a new course this week at Naval Air Station Jacksonville on conducting housing inspections.

The course, “Conducting Navy Housing Inspections,” ran from Sept. 24-27, and was offered by Commander, Navy Installations Command’s (CNIC) Housing Learning Center (HLC). 

Greg Wright, CNIC’s Director of Housing, addressed the first class of 24 students, who went on to earn their Certified Navy Housing Inspector (CNHI) provisional Level 1 credentials.

“Our mission,” Wright told the students, “is to develop and deliver superior training to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to provide high quality housing services for Sailors and their families.”

The new course is available for Navy Housing personnel with inspection responsibilities such as referral counselors, housing inspectors, building managers, area/site managers, counselors with PPV oversight responsibilities as well as other Housing Service Center (HSC) personnel with inspections or complaint investigations in their area of responsibility.

It is also available to installation commanding officers and the military chain of command who oversee housing and are responsible for ensuring residents have safe living quarters.

The inaugural course held this week is the pilot for five additional program courses that will be offered at NAS Jacksonville in FY 2020. Eventually, the HLC will deploy this course to select CNIC regions as part of a Regional Training Team concept.

During the course, candidates will learn how to conduct Navy Housing inspections, understand housing policies, identify potential health or safety issues, understand the consequences of unaddressed maintenance concerns, and how to contact appropriate experts for correction of an issue, document inspections and properly report findings.

There are three levels of CNHI certification. To earn level one certification, candidates must successfully complete the four-day instructor led training course and pass the CNHI Level 1 credential exam.

Level two is the full CNHI credential and must be earned within two calendar years of level one certification by completing five prerequisite courses and scoring 80 percent or higher on the CNHI Level 2 qualification exam. Prerequisite courses to earn a CNHI Level 2 are:

·         Issue Resolution and Documentation Process

·         Occupational Safety and Health for Housing,

·         Crisis Communication in Navy Housing

·         Housing Referral Services, Unaccompanied Housing Building Management, Navy Privatized Housing or OCONUS Family Housing Management

·         Conducting Navy Housing Inspections

CNHI Level 3 will be an advanced credential that will open for candidates later in fiscal year 2020. In addition to the prerequisite classes for the CNHI certification program, Navy Housing also offers a variety of online and classroom based courses for Housing professionals including:

·         Navy Privatized Housing

·         Introduction to Housing

·         Expanding Housing Customer Service

·         Navy Housing Customer Service

·         Resident Satisfaction Survey Overview

·         Unaccompanied Housing Front Desk Operations

·         Furnishings Management

·         Conducting Effective Housing Meetings and Briefs

·         General and Flag Officer Quarters

·         Housing Requirements Determination

·         Family Housing Financial Management

·         Unaccompanied Housing Financial Management

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