Unaccompanied Housing / Navy Gateway Inns & Suites

Unaccompanied Housing

Assignment:  Once UH assignment is completed the Building Manger will schedule a time for UH indoctrination and joint assignment. To keep the UH community safe and comfortable rules and regulations are put in place for all residents. The command feels the rules are reasonable, and expect everyone to abide them.

  • UH indoctrination: A copy of the rules and regulations will be provided to occupant by the CFAC UH building manager during indoctrination.
  • Joint inspection purpose: Document room status and furnishings at check-in time.
  • Occupied Unaccompanied Housing: Occupants responsibility is to promptly report all maintenance problems and required repairs.
  • Check-out: Tenant and Building Manager conduct a joint termination inspection to document room status at check-out. The Building Manager will explain the process during indoctrination.

Resident Advisors
Are senior enlisted military personnel who provide an after-hours leadership presence in UH. RAs sign a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to certain duties and responsibilities for junior sailors residing in the UH. The program is strictly voluntary and open to personnel in pay grades E6 to E9 (E5 with their Command Senior Chief’s recommendation and Commanding Officer’s approval). 

Contact information: DSN (315)762-5336; COM 82-55-542-5336



Navy Gateway Inns & Suites

Guest Rooms are equipped with:

  • Complimentary internet access service
  • Complimentary cable TV channels
  • Flat screen TV and DVD player
  • Alarm clock
  • Queen-size bed
  • Tub and shower bath
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Keurig coffee maker and condiments
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Hair dryer
  • Stars and Stripes newspaper
  • Kitchen (Fully equipped)
  • In-room washer and dryer
  • Iron and Ironing board

Additionally a laptop computer and a printer are available in the grand suite room.

Check-in time: 1500 but early check in may be granted whenever possible.    

Check-out time: 1100

Base Taxi:  Please contact the front desk at DSN 762-5336 or COM (055) 542-5336

Contact Information:  DSN (315)762-5336;  COM 82-55-542-5336

FAX:  DSN (315) 762-5441; COM 82-55-542-5441



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