Working & Visiting CNREURAFCENT (Naples)




Congratulations on your decision to PCS to Naples!

The pdf below is a living document is the culmination of dozens of conversations and emails about PCSing to Naples, Italy. With time, it evolved into what you see today and is updated sporadically. The links below are for anyone that might be coming to Bella Napoli.

Anyone who has transferred overseas understands the angst of patiently waiting stateside for your Passport and Visa. While you wait, hopefully this will give you a head start and inspire you as you plan the next stage of your life.

Read it once through, then refer back to it as you go through the process.


Visiting Naples

The pdf below started as a series of emails to someone who was planning on visiting Naples. With time, it also evolved into what you see today. It isn’t just for people who might be staying as guests in Naples, Italy, but for anyone that might be coming through Bella Napoli.



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