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NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella (FLCSI)


NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella (FLCSI) – Site Naples Mission

Provide logistics, business and support services to the Navy, Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command, as well as other joint and allied forces.

NAVSUP FLCSI - Naples Vision 

We will align our organization, people, strategy and processes across the enterprise in delivering combat capability through logistics, optimizing resources in the timely, adaptive delivery of the right products and services at the right time and the right place.


Mailing Address

PSC 817 Box 5

FPO AE 09622-0005


Points of Contact                                                                DSN / Commercial Number

Site Director/Supply Officer                                                  626-5442 / 081-568-5442

Deputy Site Director                                                              626-5442 / 081-568-5442

Senior Enlisted Leader                                                           626-5426 / 081-568-5426

Assistant Supply Officer                                                         626-5437 / 081-568-5437

Services Officer                                                                       626-5375 / 081-568-5375



Points of Contact                                                                DSN / Commercial Number

Director of Contracting                                                         626-5442 / 081-568-5442

Assistant Director of Contracting                                          626-5426 / 081-568-5426

Fleet Liaison Officer                                                               FLONAPLES@EU.NAVY.MIL



Locations                                           Hours                        DSN / Commercial Number

Capo Fleet Mail Center                      0800 - 1800                 626-5370 / 081-568-5370

                                                                                               626-5371 / 081-568-5371

Capo Consolidated Mailroom           0800 - 1200                 626-1692 / 081-568-1692

Support Site Post Office                    1000 - 1700                 629-4336 / 081-811-4336

JFC                                                     1000 - 1600                 628-4082 / 081-721-4082

Gaeta                                                 1000 - 1600                 626-8361 / 081-568-8361




*Please note that the every third Thursday of the month all post offices will close at 1300 for training.                                   


For more information about our P.O. Boxes and mailing address please click here.


Personal Property Services Office (PPSO)/Household Goods (HHG)

Location:                    Support Site, Village Forum, West Wing, 1st Floor (2nd Deck)

                                    The office is on the 1st Floor (2nd Deck) of the Navy Lodge. It is at the                                     end of the hallway past the MVRO office.

Phone:                        Commercial: 081-811-6778, DSN 629-6778

Fax:                             Commercial: 081-811-6949, DSN 629-6949



Hours of Operation:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 0745 – 1545

                                    Thursday: 0745 – 1400 (due to training)

Wine Inventory Form

DD1797 POV

PPSO PCS Worksheet


For more information about your HHG move please click Personal Property for more information.




Location:                    NSA Naples BLDG 401

Hours of Operation:  0800-1530

Email:                          Logistics Support:




Our LSC team is here to support NSA Naples and all visiting military and MSC ships to the commercial port Naples. Our services include:


  • Material Transportation, Turn-in, DLADS, ATAC
  • Customs
  • Hazardous Material
  • Fuel Services (Commercial fuel and diesel only; JP-5 and F-76 unavailable through us)


Visiting Ships

NSA Naples does not have a port. We utilize a commercial port that is contracted through Husbanding Service Provider (HSP).

ALL port services will be coordinated through the HSP and COR.

ALL 9M and 1Q will be handled by CTF-63.


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