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One of the closet and strongest ties to loved ones in the United States is the mail. Fortunately, mail service is relatively quick and efficient despite being overseas in Naples. Postal services in Naples are spread out over a wide geographic area with a mail control activity at Rome’s International Airport, and post office services at Capodichino, Gricignano (Support Site), JFC, Gaeta and Latina.

Naples-area military post offices provide the following services:

·         General delivery service (mail call);

·         Stamp sales and postal money orders;

·         Pick-up point for accountable mail;

·         Mail directory-locator services;

·         USPS claims and inquiry services;

·         In- and out-processing of patrons;

·         Mail receipt and mailing services.

As an authorized military postal service patron, it is your responsibility to inform all correspondents of your correct mailing address and forwarding address prior to leaving your present duty station. You should obtain your new address for your new command from your sponsor and notify all your correspondents at least six to eight weeks prior to checkout.

Your new address should contain all of the following information:

·         Full name, rank and rate

·         Name of Command;

·         PSC and Box Number:  PSC XXX Box XXXX (PSC and Box number is equivalent to a street address)

·         FPO and Zip Code:  FPO AE 096XX (FPO is equivalent to a city; AE is equivalent to a state)

It is extremely important to NOT add “Naples” or “Italy” to the mailing address to avoid misrouting of mail into the Italian national postal system.

It currently takes an average of five to seven days for a first class letter or priority parcel to reach the United States. For best results, ask friends to use Priority Mail when mailing your items. For time sensitive matters, Express Mail Military Service is available to and from NSA Naples. Magazines, newspapers, catalogs, non-profit book rate etc., can take six to eight weeks. Packages sent by Parcel Post will also take this long to arrive.

Lastly, do not mail perishable foods or meats, plants, soil matter, tobacco, firearms of any kind or alcohol to or from Italy.

Only U.S. currency is accepted at the post offices, with the exception of the Gaeta and JFC postal operation, which is a cashless operation. You may use major credits and bank debit cards for the exact amount of purchase. You cannot purchase money orders with credit cards.


Here is the list of where the postal services are located and hours of operation:



·         Fleet Mail Center – Bldg. 412 (behind the Supply building)

·         Personal and Package pick up:  Monday through Friday 0700-1900

·         Command Mail Call:  0800-1000

·         Commercial:  011-39-081-568-5371/5506/6718

·         Capodichino Post Office – Bldg. 412 (behind the Supply building, inside the FMC)

·         Monday through Friday from 0900-1530

·         Commercial:  011-39-081-568-5371/5506/6718


Support Site

·         Support Site Post Office – Inside the Navy Exchange compound, by the food court

·         Command Mail Call:  Monday through Friday from 1100-1300

·         Customer service hours:  Monday through Friday from 0900-1600 and Saturday from 1000-1400

·         Commercial:  011-39-081-811-4335/4336/4343


Joint Force Command

·         Allied Joint Force Command Post Office – First floor of Community Center Building

·         Command Mail Call:  Monday through Friday from 1000-1300

·         Customer service hours:  Monday through Friday 0900-1500

·         Commercial:  011-39-081-639-4082



·         Gaeta Post Office – Bldg. 752, on the pier

·         Command Mail Call:  Monday through Friday from 0900-1530

·         Customer service hours:  Monday through Friday from 0900-1600

·         Commercial:  011-39-081-568-8361


The Naples postal team is proud to serve you.

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