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Purchasing, Selling and Scrapping a Vehicle

You can purchase new American cars, as well as foreign models, from various sources on and off base. Make sure that any car you buy has all the equipment required for registration and for driving on base, including seat belts and child protective restraints. Automobiles other than Italian made, when bought in Italy, are imported duty free and deliveries can be made to Naples. In addition, when buying Italian cars you are exempt from paying the Italian government excise tax. Please keep in mind, that your automobile must meet U.S. specifications in order for you to ship it back to the U.S. The sale of AFI-registered vehicles, purchased locally or shipped to Italy at government expense, are subject to the following restrictions:

- You are prohibited from selling your vehicle to Italian or other European nationals on the local economy.

- You can sell your POV to assigned NATO personnel who are eligible for AFI vehicle registration privileges (except Italian military).

- You can sell your vehicle to eligible U.S. personnel who have AFI vehicle registration privileges.

The vehicle you import, if you are not shipping it back to the United States, must be properly disposed of prior to your departure from Italy via one of the following methods:

- Sale to another AFI-eligible registrant;

- Driving to your new European duty location (restrictions apply);

- Shipping your vehicle to your new duty location via government contract or commercial shipping company;

- Scrapping the vehicle with the MVRO under Italian customs supervision;

- Nationalization and payment of value added taxes (VAT) and importation fees (30 percent or market value) for member separating or retiring in Italy.


Note: If you’re on vacation or out of the local area and your vehicle becomes inoperable due to accident or mechanical failure, please contact the MVRO immediately. Your vehicle is under customs supervision and cannot be salvaged locally without the payment of customs taxes (VAT and importation) and customs brokers fees which are cost prohibitive. Please call the MVRO for detailed information and assistance with Italian customs laws if you must scrap your vehicle for any reason – the MVRO will save you thousands of dollars!

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