JBPHH, CSAAD 'Stay Alive' offers rides to prevent drinking and driving


04/18/14 12:00 AM

By Don Robbins Editor, Ho‘okele

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and two associations at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam have joined forces to help their fellow military service members avoid the dangers of drinking and driving.

“The Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Junior Enlisted Association (JEA) and the JBPHH Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) have combined for a “Stay Alive: Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign,” said Master-at-Arms 3rd Abrel Smith, president of JBPHH CSADD.

Members of the associations are distributing credit card-sized plastic cards, designed to be attached to a person’s keychain. The front of the card features messages such as “Count on Us, We’ll Get You Home Safe!” and “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl.”

The back of the card features the phone number 808-473-1222 in large red letters.

Military service members who need a ride home because they have been drinking can call the phone number and a fellow service member will pick them up at their location and take them home to their residence, Smith explained.

“If they put it on their keychain, the Sailor might see it and think twice about doing something crazy,” Smith said. “I’m really excited about our Stay Alive program because I know that this program will, and has, saved careers here at JBPHH and other commands around the island as well.

This program plays a vital role in keeping our service members from getting behind the wheel intoxicated,” Smith said.

“The great thing about it all is you don’t have to pay a dime. Just pick up the phone and call 808-473- 1222, and I promise you will get home safe, no question asked.

Remember, your JEA and CSADD cares,” Smith added.

The volunteer service members running the program have scheduled certain people to have rotating duty days so someone will be available to offer rides to intoxicated service members.

Volunteers will also be using their own personal vehicles and gas to provide the service.


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