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Hurricane Preparedness


The resources and links on this page are designed to provide a repository for information to assist in preparing for tropical storm/hurricane conditions that could affect you at PMRF, on the island of Kauai. The hurricane season for the Central Pacific is from 1 June until 30 November each year.  This is the historical period of probable hurricane occurrence; however storms have occurred both before and after these dates.

During an actual storm condition/hurricane event, please monitor the PMRF Facebook page at: for the most current information and messages related to the base, or call the base status line at 808-335-4249. This static tab is not updated during actual events, other than the Commander, Navy Region Hawaii Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness (TCCOR) announcements on the home page of this site.

The charts below show hurricane categories, and TCCOR levels.  TCCOR is strictly a military-used system.  Non-military communities just use the terms Hurricane Watch for when a storm ETA is within 36 hours, and Hurricane Warning when a storm ETA is within 24 hours. Note that hurricane categories go from 1 (smallest) to 5 (largest), but TCCOR goes from 5 (least) to 1 (worst).

Hurricane Categories


WIND SPEED/Knots (mph)


Winds of 64-82 knots (74-95 mph).


Winds of 83-95 knots (96-110 mph).


Winds of 96-113 knots (111-130 mph).


Winds of 114-135 knots (131-155 mph).


Winds of 135 knots (greater than 155 mph).


Hurricane Warning Information provided by the State of Hawaii

Hurricane / Tropical Storm Watch

Hurricane / tropical storm conditions are possible in the specified area, usually within 36 hours.

Hurricane / Tropical Storm Warning

Hurricane / tropical storm conditions are expected in the specified area, usually within 24 hours.


Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness for Tropical Cyclone or Hurricane


Estimated time to onset of winds 50 knots or greater for shore facilities and 35 knots or greater for afloat units.


96 hrs


72 hrs


48 hrs


24 hrs


12 hrs


Land Fall


Recovery Period begins after all clear sounded

•          Be informed.  Know where to get reliable weather information and the methods used for storm warnings.  Register in the PMRF WAAN system and the Kauai County warning system.  Know where Safe Havens are going to be located.

•          Make a plan.  Make a backup plan too.  Ensure all family members know the plan(s).

•          Build a kit.  Assemble enough emergency supplies for all family members to survive for 5-7 days.  Don’t forget to include items for family members with special needs, children, and pets.  Lists of suggested items for these kits (commonly called 72-Hour Kits) can be obtained from numerous sources (including the links below).  You have to decide what items you will need.  You will have to take these kits to any Safe Haven / Shelter because there will not be any supplies there for you.

•          Update plans and replace perishable kit items (water, food, medicines, batteries) throughout the season as required.

•          Following a storm notify your supervisor of your condition and location as soon as possible.

Additionally, consider taking training that may be beneficial to you, your family, or other persons.  Courses such as First Aid; CPR / AED; Disaster Response Volunteer; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  

Helpful Weather Links:

For preparedness information:

For the military members of the PMRF Ohana, expect to have to muster via NFAAS after a hurricane situation:



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