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Prodedures for Processing Household Goods Claims


You must file a separate claim for each shipment. Your claim must be submitted in person. The legal office is located in Building 3554 near Gate 4. Hours of operations are 0800-1130 and 1300-1600 Monday through Friday.

The mailing address for the Legal Office is: Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, ATTN: CLAIMS, CFAO/NAFK, PSC 480, FPO AP 96370-1100.


**1840/1840R (must be turned in within 70 days of the date of delivery)
**DD Form 1842
**DD Form 1844
**GOVERNMENT BILL OF LADING (Transportation Office can provide a copy if necessary)
**DD Form 1164 (if your shipment was in storage)
**DD Form 1299 (Transportation Office can provide a copy if necessary)
**Power of Attorney (if applicable)
**Photographs of damaged items prior to and after shipping damage
(if applicable)


1. 70 Days from the date of delivery to turn in your 1840/1840R listing all damages or missing items.

2. Two years from the date of delivery to file your written claim with our office.

3. Six months from the date of settlement of your claims to request reconsideration of your claim.

TIME LIMITS: Notice to the carrier of damages or missing items must be given within 70 days from the date of delivery. This is done by turning in your 1840/1840R from to a military installation claim office. Your household good claim must be filed with a military installation within two years from the date of delivery of your household goods. A request for reconsideration of a denied claim must be received within six months of the date of final action on your claim.

DD FORM 1840/1840R: This is the pink form provided to you at the time of delivery by the driver. You must complete this form by listing all damaged or missing items. Damages noted at the time of delivery should be noted on the 1840 side of the form. All damages or missing items noted after delivery of your goods must be placed on the 1840R side of the form. If additional 1840/1840R forms are needed, the Transportation Office can provide them for you. Include all proper inventory numbers, and return the forms to our office within 70 days of the date of delivery. If you note additional damages after the form has been turned in, and you are still within your 70 day period from the date of delivery, you need to return to our office and add those items to your 1840/R so that the carrier will receive proper notice. Failure to do this will result in a reduction in your award.

DD FORM 1842: CLAIM FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY INCIDENT TO SERVICE- Must be completed and signed by the military member who is listed on the government moving documents. It may be signed by another if a power of attorney gives this right to another person.

DD FORM 1844: LIST OF PROPERTY AND CLAIMS ANALYSIS CHART- Complete blocks 1-11. Follow the example provided, and be specific in describing the damage to each item claimed. Be sure to provide the proper inventory number. Blocks 9, 10, 11a or 11b must be completed. Repair costs are placed in block 11a. Replacement costs are placed in block 11b.

ELECTRONIC ITEMS- All electronic items require a written estimate of repair regardless of the repair amount. Be sure that the repairman states a professional opinion of the actual cause of the damages.

ESTIMATES- Written estimates may be required to substantiate your damages. A written estimate may not be required for minor damages providing that the total amount of the damages for each item does not exceed $25.00. The repair estimate must be itemized stating the damage done to each item claimed. If an item is deemed to be damaged beyond repair by a qualified repairman, or if the item is missing, a written replacement cost will be needed. Either provide catalog quotes or written replacement costs from a dealer. Estimate fees are reimbursable if they have been paid in advance and are not credited to the cost of repair and the item for which the estimate is received is paid for by this office. The claims office IS NOT OBLIGATED TO PAY THE ESTIMATED AMOUNT received for damages/repairable items.

EXPENSIVE ITEMS- For expensive items such as stereos, valuable art works (originals and numbered prints), Hummels, Lladros, jewelry or original paintings, proof of purchase/ownership is essential and will normally be required to substantiate payment. Photos, purchase receipts, cancelled checks, owner’s manuals or other similar proof may be required for these items.

DISPOSAL OR REPAIR OF DAMAGED ITEMS- DO NOT dispose of or repair any property without contacting this office. An inspection may be required by our office or the carrier to determine payment or salvage value. This does not apply to broken glass (i.e. glass from a broken picture), but does apply to crystal or china.  Failure to retain an item until we can inspect it may result in a denial of your claim regardless of the item involved.

PRIVATE INSURANCE- You must first file with your insurance company prior to filing a claim against the government if your insurance covers the item. A copy of your insurance claim must be attached to your claim. A complete copy of the settlement from your insurer must be furnished to our office when it is received. If you are not sure if your insurance covers the claim, check with your insurance company.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call 634-8255.

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