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PCS Checklists

After receiving orders to CFAS:

  • If you do not have a sponsor, please request one.  See the Need a Sponsor page for more detail.
  • If PCSing WITHOUT your dependants either on an unaccompanied tour or if your dependants will be traveling at a later date than you, make sure you have PERS-451H approval to continue the BAH entitlement for their location. See your transferring PSD for procedures to receive this approval.  Failure to gain this approval can result in SIGNIFICANToverpayments that will impact you and your family. ***Sailors reporting directly to ships or units that are designated as Arduous Sea Duty are not required to have this approval from PERS-451H and the BAH entitlement will continue.***
  • Apply for tourist passports for you and your family members.  PSD Sasebo does not process tourist passports and the process is difficult once already located in Sasebo.  Tourist passports are required for ALL UNOFFICIAL travel.  Visit your local stateside Federal Post Office for more information regarding tourist passports. 
  • Make arrangements for your lodging for you and your family upon arrival in Sasebo.  The Navy Lodge is the primary facility for families and the BEQ/BOQ can be utilized for those traveling without families. If you are a single Sailor or an unaccompanied Sailor reporting to a ship, you will be berthed aboard your ship so no room reservations will be necessary. Space is limited in both facilities, for Navy Lodge reservations and BEQ/BOQ reservations call 011-81-0956-50-3413/ DSN (325)252-3413 as soon as you know your arrival date. Work closely with your sponsor to ensure lodging will be available upon your arrival.
  • If you have a pet, as soon as you have orders begin planning for your pet to travel. Sample documents you will need to bring your pet to Japan can be accessed here. For more information contact the Sasebo Veterinary Treatment Facility at DSN 315-252-3334/3585, Commercial 81-956-50-3334/3585, or
  • Begin planning your pack-out and schedule your Household Goods pick-up.
  • Complete a Change of Address card at the local post office.   You can also fill this out on-line at the Web site Remember, this changes your address at the post office, not with whomever is sending you mail. You must notify individuals, companies, and any magazines you have subscriptions with separately. Most companies, including magazines, have a toll-free number you may call to change your delivery address. If you have SOFA-sponsored dependents, your sponsor can get your post office box set up for you, or he or she can tell you your new ship-based mailing address.
  • Make sure you have all required forms for enrolling your child in daycare or after-school care.

Travel Paperwork Checklist:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Military & Dependent IDs
  • Military Record
  • Expense log book
  • Insurance ID cards
  • Travelers checks
  • PCS orders (multiple copies)
  • Dependent Entry Approval (if accompanied by family members, this is Required)
  • Insurance policies (vehicle, life, health, umbrella liability)
  • Household goods inventory
  • Marriage or divorce papers
  • Pet immunization records
  • Power of attorney
  • Copy of wills, serial numbers (of valuable electronic equipment)
  • Children's medical, dental, optical records
  • Financial and investment records
  • Charge and credit card account information
  • Bank account, credit card, credit line account numbers
  • School transcripts and referring letters

Arriving at CFAS and checking in with your command:

  • Get SOFA stamp for passports at P.S.D. at Building #154.
  • Check in with the Housing Office at Building #154 located on the second floor. Bring copy of orders, DD Form 1746 (Page 2), Detaching Endorsement and copy of Dependent Approval.  
  • Go to the personal Property Office at Building #154. If your household goods or your express shipment is expected to be in Sasebo at the time of your arrival, please bring a copy of your orders and your government Bill of Lading (DD Form 619).
  • Go to post office at Building #310 to register for new P.O. Box number, or if your sponsor has done this for you, go to post office to retrieve the combination.
  • Contact schools/CDC,if applicable.
  • Contact your Ship's Ombudsman.
  • Command Indoctrination Sign-up: At Bldg 310, sign up for the Indoc and ICR (Intercultural Relations) workshop, if your sponsor has not already signed you up. This is mandatory for all sponsors and highly recommended for adult and teen family members (children are not allowed).  A permanent USFJ driver’s license cannot be obtained without attending this class.  If a temporary license is needed (good for one month), contact the base safety office for assistance.
  • Visit the Branch Health & Dental Clinics Bldg 1529 - Drop off family members' medical and dental records. If you didn't bring them, they will request them from your previous clinic.
  • T.L.A. (Temporary Lodging Allowance) -- If the ship is at sea, go to P.S.D. at Building #154. If the ship is in port, go directly to Personnel Office. Bring paid hotel receipts (after each ten day increment), prior to 8:00 a.m. to ensure collection of T.L.A. on the same working day. Any receipt brought after 1:00 p.m. will be processed the following working day.

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