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Housing FAQs


Q:  Where can I find an application and other documents required for housing? 

Under Eligibility and Application Process tab of this webpage or Navy Housing website

Q:  If I apply for housing using the Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT), does the date I submit my application become my control date?

No.  HEAT does not change existing policy for determining your control date.

Q:  What is the Family Housing wait list based upon?

The wait list for Family Housing is based on Service member rank and bedroom requirement.  Here in Sasebo, Officers and enlisted personnel separate wait lists are maintained. 

Q.  How is my name placed on the housing waiting list?

You will be placed on the housing waiting list according to your pay grade category and the number of bedrooms you qualify for.   For example, if you are an E5 with two children, you will be placed on the Enlisted three bedroom housing waiting list.

A member may not be placed on more than one waiting list.

Q: How is my control date established?

Your control date for placement on the housing waiting list is normally your date of detachment from the previous permanent duty station.  For example, if you detached from your previous permanent duty station 1 April 20xx, you will be placed on the waiting list with the control date of 1 April 20xx, provided you come to the Housing Services Center within 30 days of reporting to your command.

If two or more sponsors on the same waiting list have the same control date, placement on the list will be based on seniority.

Q:  I am the sponsor of an Exception Family Member (EMF) registered in the EFMP.  Is special consideration given to this circumstance for my control date?

Possibly.  Family members designated as Categories IV and V EFMs are severely disabled, and Navy Housing strives to provide permanency in living arrangements.  As a result, EFM Categories IV and V are placed directly below the freeze zone. When two or more members are waiting for assignment, the higher of the EFM categories will be given priority in assignment.  If members are designated in the same EFM Category, the actual control date will determine the priority of assignment unless written notification is provided by the medical authority indicating unique circumstances.


Q: Are pet dogs considered when making assignments to military family housing?

No.  Pets may not be considered as family members for the purposes of military family housing assignment purposes.  Therefore, they do not affect the type of unit authorized or the number of bedrooms permitted. 

Q: How come my name keeps going down on the list?

You should remember that even though you have been placed on the appropriate waiting list, there is a possibility that you might be displaced by new arrivals who detached from their last permanent duty station before you did.

Q:  What happens if my eligibility changes while I’m on the wait list?

If your eligibility changes while on a wait list, the original control date will continue to be used in instances when you will be placed on another wait list, such as: promotion or frocking resulting in eligibility for a higher grade category of housing, a change in priority status, or change of eligibility for number of bedrooms. If the control date would place your name in the freeze zone on the new wait list, then you will be placed immediately below the freeze zone.

Q: Can I request assignment to Main Base housing only?

No, you cannot request a specific unit type or location.  The new policy states that members will be assigned to military family housing based on eligibility and entitlement, regardless of location or type of unit. 

Q: What happens if I placed my name on the housing waiting list for one bedroom less than I am authorized?

If you have requested and are assigned one bedroom less than you are authorized, you will not be authorized to relocate to another larger unit at a later date, unless you increase your family size by an additional member.

Q: How long do I have to move out of temporary lodging and into military family housing after being assigned to it?

Immediately.  Any expenses for stays in temporary lodging after assignment may not be covered by temporary lodging allowances.

Q: Can I be authorized to stay in the Navy Lodge and draw TLA until complete with AOB/ICR so my family can secure transportation before accepting a house?

No.  TLA, according to the JFTR, is authorized upon initial arrival (reporting for duty) at an OCONUS PDS and waiting for Government quarters assignment.  If quarters are available when you arrive you will be assigned those quarters and therefore not authorized TLA.  Arranging transportation to and from home/work is the responsibility of the service member and their Command.

Q: My family is coming later than me.  Will I be assigned to military family housing before they arrive?

Yes.  You may be assigned 30 days in advance of your family arriving.  Please note that you are required to provide Housing Services Center your family’s flight itinerary. 

Q: My family is coming earlier than me.  Can they be assigned housing before I arrive?

Yes, if you have an Advance Travel of Dependents authorization.  Your spouse must check-in to the Housing Services Center upon his/her arrival with all the required documentations and a valid power of attorney allowing them to accept housing on your behalf.  If your family arrives without an approved Advance Travel of Dependents, they are not entitled to any housing or temporary lodging allowances.  Also, they will not be eligible for housing referral services and furnishings support.

Q: If I am a civilian employee already in military family housing, will I be required to vacate my assigned unit because of the new assignment policy?

No.  However, the 5 year occupancy rule for civilian residents remains effective, and you will be required to vacate your assigned military family housing after being assigned to it for 5 years. 

Q:  What housing allowances am I eligible for?

Military members are entitled to various allowances to ensure the transition to a new location is as smooth and stress-free as possible. For information about your allowances, visit the Defense Travel Management Office website. If you have any questions, contact the PSD or Ship Admin.

Q: How can I accept or decline government quarters while I am deployed?

Give your spouse or a friend Power of Attorney before deploying and make sure the Housing Services Center has the designated person’s contact information.  Power of Attorney can be done at the Naval Legal Services Office.

Q: How can I pay my rent and utility bills while I’m deployed?

The Private Rental Lease Agreement states that the rent is due by the 3rd day of each month.  Please make arrangements to pay you rent in advance of your deployment or sign up to pay your rent electronically through GI Bill Pay services.  GI Bill Pay Services is an easy, safe and a convenient way to pay your rent and utilities.  It is done by electronic bank to bank transfers.  You can pay your rent and most utilities through this service.  There is a small service charge to use this service.  Please contact the Housing Services Center for details or email GI Bill Pay services at

Q: How can I make arrangements to vacate quarters when I receive PCS orders while I’m deployed?

For government quarters, you have an obligation to notify the Housing Services Center 30 days in advance. Please send a copy of your PCS orders and valid Power Of Attorney (POA) to your spouse so he/she can make arrangements for your household goods pack-out at the Personal Property Office.  Pre-Termination inspection and Final Inspection should be scheduled by your spouse at the Housing Welcome Center.

For private rental, you have an obligation to notify your landlord 10 days (30 days for RPP) in advance. The Housing Service Center will contact your landlord as soon as you have found out the approximate date you will terminate the lease. Final Inspection must be scheduled with your landlord or housing agent.



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