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Self-registration for Sasebo Mass Notification System

To register for Sasebo Mass Notification System please fill out the applicable form below or, if you have a ONE-NET account, follow the directions below. These self-registration processes will enable you to receive warnings and emergency messages from the base by email, text messaging, and phone calls.


Please fill out the following form for all family members and Non-ONE NET users (tenant commands such as SRF Sasebo, Branch Health Clinic, afloat commands, etc.).

Once you fill out the form, please email the form to the following email address:


For all civilian and service members with ONE NET accounts, please follow the following steps to self-register:


1. Click on the ONE NET task bar on the lower right of the task bar "show hidden icon button" (located next to the computer Internet access icon).


2. Click on the purple globe (AtHOC) icon.


3. Select "update my device".


4. Once the menu opens up, fill out applicable device information (i.e. cell phone, email, text messaging, etc.)


5. Select Save. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Sasebo Emergency Management Office at DSN: 252-2322 or, send emails to 

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