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N1 - Admin

Maintains personnel and administrative records and instructions; as well as produces official letters, awards, EVALs, FITREPs, reports, and correspondence for the Staff and subordinate commands located throughout FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

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DSN:  315-264-3270

N6 - Communications

Providing Command, Control, Computer and Communications support to all Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachments (AIMD) and Aviation Supply Detachments (ASD) throughout FIFTH, and SEVENTH Fleet. 

This combination of reliable data, voice, and video services ensures the warfighter has access to the right information at the right time.

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DSN:  315-264-4847

N41 - Logistics

The Logistics Department serves as the forward deployed executive agent for COMNAVAIRFOR (CNAF) in all matters involving logistics, financials and resource management.  Serves as staff logistics technical advisor and oversees established and emerging naval aviation manning, training, equipping, and sustaining functions for the Forward Deployed Naval Force aviation units, and aviation capable ships.  Maintains close liaison with TYCOM/Type Wings/CTF 57/CTF 72/CVW-5 concerning squadrons and detachments deployed and homeported in COMFAIRWESTPAC AORs and on matters of mutual concern.  Maintains operational and administrative authority over Aviation Support Division (ASD) Atsugi, ASD Misawa, ASD Guam, ASD Bahrain, ASD Iwakuni, and ASD Kadena.  Provides logistics support to Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit ONE (NAWMU-1), Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) Atsugi, AIMD Misawa, AIMD Iwakuni, AIMD Kadena, AIMD Guam, AIMD Bahrain, Commander, Task Force SEVEN TWO, Commander, Task Force FIVE SEVEN, Helicopter Maritime Strike FIVE ONE.  

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E-MAIL: or

DSN:  315-264-4814 or 315-264-4810

MLE - USMC Liaison (Marine Liaison Element)

Act as liaisons between Navy and Marine Corps aviation units operating in the FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

Manage the Aviation Logistics Readiness Plan for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and the FNDF Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) L-class ships.

Provide assistance to deployed Navy and Marine Corps units in support of shore basing and aircraft engine pool management in the FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

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DSN:  315-264-3173

N42 - Maintenance

Provides Maintenance Program Assist (MPA) visits and support equipment Material Condition Inspections (MCI) for our subordinate commands throughout the FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

Manages and directs the movement of all aircraft engines/modules for all forward deployed Navy and Marine Corps aviation units within FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

Manages all SE/IMRL assets by reviewing reports, verifying on-site inventories, processing revision requests, and tracking equipment movements in support of operations throughout the FIFTH, SIXTH, and SEVENTH Fleet.

Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) training and certification lead for all OCONUS inspection sites.

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DSN:  315-264-3180

N45 – Safety

Serves as the principal advisor to the commanding officer on Navy Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Programs.  Primary responsibilities are the implementation and oversight of command Safety Management Systems (SMS) through written policies, procedures, and plans which maintain a culture that practices and promotes safety.  Additionally, the department is designated Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) Program Manager for USN and USMC UC-12 F/M aircraft.  The department functions as administrative Type Wing for C-12 aircraft under CNAF Cognizant Command; this role does not include C-12 aircraft operated by Naval Air Systems Command.  The department assists Naval Installation Commanders (NIC) who are reporting custodians of C-12 aircraft with Aviation Safety programs, training, standardization, and may serve as Government Flight Representative (GFR) for Contract Logistics Support (CLS) if required.

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DSN:  315-264-3189 or 315-264-3166 or 315-264-3535

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