Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

To make a confidential sexual assault report, contact the 24 Hour DOD Safe Helpline at (877) 995-5247 or the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic SAPR Victim Advocate at (847) 489-8196. The SAPR Program is a comprehensive, victim-sensitive program that puts all the pieces together—victim advocacy, awareness, prevention, education and data collection—to respond to sexual assaults Navy-wide. SAPR services are available to all active duty service members and their adult family members and reservists, regardless of whether the sexual assault took place on or off the base.

Reporting Options for Victims of Sexual Assault 

  1. Unrestricted Reporting: A sexual assault may be reported to your chain of command, law enforcement, medical personnel, SAPR victim advocate or the sexual assault response coordinator (SARC). An Investigation will take place. The victim will be offered medical attention, advocacy and counseling services.
  2. Restricted Reporting: This reporting option is available only to active duty personnel, dependents 18 and older, and reservist. The report must be made ONLY to one of the following designated personnel: SARC, chaplain, active duty medical personnel, or SAPR victim advocate. This report is confidential; the chain of command and law enforcement will not be notified. There will be no investigation. Medical attention, advocacy and counseling services will be offered to the victim.

SAPR Advocate Training
There is a 40-hour SAPR Advocate training offered at the Fleet and Family Support Center. The training prepares SAPR Victim Advocates to provide crisis intervention, information on available options, resources, and ongoing non-clinical support to victims of sexual assault. The SAPR Victim Advocate will help guide the victim through the various medical, legal, and investigative processes. If you would like to become a Victim Advocate contact your local SARC at (847) 343-8132.

SAPR Point of Contact (POC) Training
Commands are required to appoint a SAPR POC. The SAPR POC’s role is to serve as the liaison between the victim and the command's executive level. The Command Liaison has direct access to the Commanding Officer and is responsible for promoting responsive command management of alleged assaults and ensuring victims concerns and needs are communicated to the Commanding Officer. The FFSC offers an 8-hour training for all personnel assigned to this position.

SAPR Awareness and Prevention Training
SAPR awareness and prevention training includes information on the prevention of sexual assault, actions that help minimize the risk of becoming a victim, and reporting options for victims of sexual assault. This training is available to all commands. If you are interested in awareness and prevention training or a SAPR GMT at your command, contact your local SARC at (847) 343-8132.

Navy Victims’ Legal Counsel (VLC)  The Navy Victims’ Legal Counsel Program provides survivors of a sexual offense with a dedicated attorney to help victims understand the investigation and military justice process, guard their legal rights and interests and obtain additional support in accessing resources that may assist in their recovery. This attorney is provided to Navy service members and other eligible victims of sexual offenses at Navy expense.  If you would like more information on VLC services, please call (847) 688-5446 or visit the following website at


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