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Base Access Information

Naval Magazine Indian Island is a controlled access installation.

All non-affiliated, unescorted contractor, sub-contractors, service providers, and visitors are required to complete and submit SECNAV Form 5512/1:  Base Access Pass Registration (found under "ACCESS CONTROL FORMS" at the bottom of this page) via their sponsor to gain access to Naval Magazine Indian Island.  This policy is effective for all events, including one-time events to include retirement ceremonies, public affairs functions, changes of command, special events, job applicants, and for vendors/service providers who do not have a CAC, TESLIN, Federal PIV, or are not enrolled in DBIDS and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) holders without a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).



The DBIDS enrollment site was designed to help expedite processing time before entering a government installation.  Upon completion of enrollment, print the QR Code Confirmation page, save as a .PDF and or write down the alphanumeric code below and bring it with you along with two valid forms of ID.  You are required to complete SECNAV Form 5512/1 for criminal background check vetting.

Guests over the age of 18 are required to have valid government issued photo identification on their person at all times while on the installation.

All guests must have a valid request in the system for base admittance.  Typically, these requests are placed through the Base Authorization and Visit Request (BAVR) Web page.  All non-sponsored guests who do not possess a CAC must undergo a background check for local, state, and federal criminal history records.

The Installation Commanding Officer may revoke or suspend a visitor’s base access privilege at any time. Upon expiration of NMII credentials, or termination or resignation of employment, return NMII credentials to Visitor Control Center in person, or hand over to NMII Naval Security Force personnel at the gate.  These credentials are property of the federal government and will not be returned to the company/organization nor handed over to a company/organization supervisor.



To be vetted with a background check and identify proofing by VCC personnel, you must bring valid/current government issued photo identification and current proof of citizenship.  This applies to all individuals except for active duty service members and federal civilian employees, who do not require the same background checks.  Despite having a CAC, these individuals are highly encouraged to bring any of the following proofs of citizenship (**while your Social Security card is helpful for identity proofing, it is NOT a valid proof of citizenship for vetting purposes at NMII**):

  • State issued birth certificate:  This must be an original or state certified copy.  Personal photocopies, electronic versions, or hospital issued birth records are NOT accepted.
  • Valid Real ID Enhanced state-issued driver's license.
  • U.S. Passport (book or card):  The passport can CANNOT be expired.
  • Certification of Naturalization:  This document (FS-550/560) must be an original; electronic or photocopies are not accepted.
  • Born-abroad Certificate:  This document (FS-240) must be an original.  Electronic or photocopies are not accepted.
  • Permanent Resident Card:  This allows security to perform background checks and grant access to the common area upon favorable results.  However, Permanent Resident Cards do NOT qualify for proof of citizenship for restricted area access.



The Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Traveler Program is not in effect at NMII.



Individuals making deliveries or picking up loads on NMII installations must have valid government issued photo identification, proof of citizenship, and a Bill of Lading (hard copy only) to be vetted by the VCC and receive a temporary pass.  See Required Documents above for acceptable proof of citizenship.  After receiving a favorable background check by VCC personnel, delivery drivers will be issued a temporary pass.  It is up to the driver or their company to coordinate sponsorship and the delivery arrangements.  VCC personnel will not arrange for a sponsor.  It is important to note that these sponsors are not contractors.

Personnel in possession of a valid TWIC are considered identity proofed but not vetted for the purpose of installation access.  Drivers must be vetted inside the VCC with a favorable background check and sponsor.  Drivers must have their TWIC, Bill of Lading (hard copy only), and proof of citizenship.  If they are entering a restricted area, they must have the above items and a government sponsor for access into the restricted area.  Once again, it is on the driver or their organization to make these arrangements.

Taxis, limousine companies and ride shares are not authorized on NMII.

Installation Access Control:  Sections 621 and 626 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2019 (R 281140Z OCT 19) is not applicable at NMII.


Access Control Forms

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