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TSP Accounts

A grateful country salutes your dedication and wants to make sure your future is taken care of. So we're giving you the opportunity to participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) -- a long-term savings and investment plan.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • You can contribute to the plan directly from your pay before it is taxed, and taxes are deferred on your contributions and investment earnings while the money remains in the TSP.
  • You can contribute from basic pay,incentive pay, special pay, or bonus pay.
  • You can contribute tax-exempt combat zone money.
  • You have the lowest administrative and investment expenses of any similar plan.
  • You have a choice of diversified individual investment options.
  • You have access to Lifecycle Funds -- professionally designed investment funds for the busy or not-so-experienced investor.
  • And one of the biggest benefits of all -- your TSP account is portable.

When you leave service, you can take it with you. (Or you can leave it invested in the TSP until you're ready to use it.)

Because the money is always yours -- including the investment earnings -- you don't have to serve your country for 20 years to earn your right to it...

When you enlist in the TSP, there's only one catch: The money you accumulate is for your retirement, so there are some restrictions on when you can take a loan on it or withdraw it while you are still in service.

To learn more, visit the TSP web site ( In addition to investment information and other features, there is a section devoted specifically to uniformed services members. The booklet Summary of the Thrift Savings Plan provides a TSP overview; it is available from the web or your service.

(Information copied from the TSP pamphlet "You're here for us today...We'' be there for you tomorrow.")

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