Conditions of Readiness

Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness (COR) are ordered by the Naval Air Station Key West Commanding Officer based on the expected onset of destructive winds.

Certain preparatory actions are required within each COR in order to properly secure the installation and prepare personnel. The level of preparation increases with the progression of each COR level (i.e. from picking up loose gear in COR 5, to removing awnings in COR 3, to reporting to shelters in COR 1).

Tropical Cyclone CORs are defined as follows:

a. COR 5 – Destructive force winds possible within 96 hours. Due to the geographic location of Key West, COR 5 must be maintained as the minimum state of readiness from June 1 through November 30.

b. COR 4 – Destructive force winds are possible within 72 hours.

c. COR 3 – Destructive force winds are possible within 48 hours.

d. COR 2 – Destructive force winds are anticipated within 24 hours.

e. COR 1 – Destructive force winds are imminent within 12 hours.

For a complete list of actions required during each COR, please refer to NASKWINST 3440.1B – Tropical Cyclone and and Destructive Weather Plan, Enclosures (4) through (9).

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