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Site 70

Image of Installation Restoration Program Site 70.

IRP Site 70 - Research, Testing and Evaluation Area

Site 70 is the location of a facility built and operated by North American Aviation (under contract to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) between 1962 and 1973 for the design and manufacture of the second stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle for the Apollo moon rocket program. During that time, chlorinated solvents (primarily trichloroethene, [TCE]) used in the manufacturing process were released to the environment, resulting in contamination of the groundwater under Site 70.

A feasibility study to evaluate cleanup alternatives was completed in 2005, and in 2006 the Navy selected in situ enhanced bioremediation, monitored natural attenuation, and land use controls as the remedy for groundwater contamination at the site. Remedial action construction was completed in late 2007 and treatment began in December of 2008. Over 90% of the original TCE contamination has been degraded to its daughter products.  The current remediation focuses on controling the migration of the contaminants.  Periodic groundwater sampling to monitor site conditions will continue throughout implementation of the remedial action.


Quick Facts
Size Site: 35 Acres, Plume Size: 110 Acres
Location (see map) R, T & E area located adjacent to intersection of Seal Beach Blvd. and Westminster Avenue
Contamination Source NASA rocket booster construction
Potential Waste Types Solvents (TCE)
Status Remedial Action
Est. Response Complete Active Treatment: 2024, Monitoring for Natural Attenuation: 2060

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