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We encourage both base and community residents to recycle.  Recycling reduces the load on landfills and cuts down on the environmental costs of gathering and processing resources. There are several local civic organizations that will accept your recyclable metals, glass, and papers and apply the proceeds of the funds they earn for local community projects.  You may also recycle directly to local companies that may pay you for bulk items you provide.  Guam EPA maintains a list of companies that will accept recyclables:

Aluminum Cans

There are three aluminum cans collection points.  Aluminum cans deposited in these bins are donated to the Guam I-Recycle Program.  Proceeds support local schools.

Collection points:

  • Next to the Commissary parking lot.  Proceeds support Truman Elementary School in Santa Rita.
  • McCool Elementary/Middle school back parking lot.  Proceeds support the McCool Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).
  • Guam High School parking lot.  Proceeds support the Guam High School PTO.


Recycling information:

  • Aluminum cans only please.  Steel cans cannot be processed.  Steel cans can be identified by a seam on the side of the can.
  • Cans only in the bin.  Please discard bags and other waste in other containers.
  • Uncrushed cans are preferred.  Crushed cans make processing more difficult and will cause the school to receive less “credit” for the weight of cans collected.
  • Rinsing cans is appreciated as sugars and beer residue will attract insects.


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