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NOISE ADVISORY UPDATE- Controlled Detonation at Bloodsworth Island Scheduled for August 21, 2019 Postponed


08/21/19 10:24 AM

NAVAL AIR STATION PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – NAS Patuxent River’s controlled detonation of suspected unexploded ordnance off the southeast coast of Bloodsworth Island in the Chesapeake Bay scheduled between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019 has been postponed.

Upon inspection of the area where suspected unexploded ordnance had been previously reported none was found. Navy EOD will continue to survey the area before determining whether a controlled detonation is necessary.

If suspected unexploded ordnance is found and a controlled detonation is deemed necessary, Navy EOD, Pax River Search and Rescue, and Atlantic Test Ranges personnel will be on scene to ensure the area is safe and secure before conducting any detonations.

Bloodsworth Island Range (BIR) has been a Navy range for more than 70 years. Located in the Chesapeake Bay off the shores of Dorchester County, Maryland, the range consists of five islands: Bloodsworth, Pone, Adam, Northeast, and the submerged Great Cove Island. From 1942 to 1995, the Navy used the range as a shore bombardment and bombing range for firing and dropping live ordnance from ships and aircraft. This included bombs, small and large caliber ammunition, rockets, and missiles that contained explosives, propellants, and other energetics. Although the Navy has ceased impact operations at BIR, including the dropping of live and inert ordnance, it is still an active military range owned and managed by Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River. Unexploded ordnance can be found on the range and in near-shore waters. For more information about Bloodsworth Island Range, visit