NDW Kicks Off 2019 NMCRS Active-Duty Fund Drive

02/27/19 08:30 AM

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason Amadi, Naval District Washington Public Affairs


WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Sailors, civilians and Marines stationed around the National Capital Region (NCR) kicked off the 2019 active-duty fund drive in support of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) with a training event on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Feb. 22.

The active-duty fund drive is an opportunity for Sailors and Marines to donate money that is directly distributed back to other Sailors and Marines in need. This year’s drive runs from Mar. 1 to April 30 for the NCR.

“At this event, we wanted to impart the reason for the active-duty fund drive and why it’s important,” said Melody Weddle, Washington Navy Yard director of the NMCRS. “We give them a brief history of the NMCRS, what we do, how we do it, how Sailors and Marines can get assistance and a legal brief on fundraising.”

The event had people from around the NCR receive “key person” training, so that attendees can take the information back to their commands and run the fund drive.

“I have been a NMCRS for 18 years. We are an emergency based organization and when life comes up and kicks Sailors and Marines, we’re there for those emergencies happen that they can’t plan for. We’re the safety net when something happens with your pay, when something happens back home or your car breaks down. We’ve got their backs. When our Sailors and Marines deploy they know we’ve got their families backs and we’ll make sure that everything is going to be okay,” said Weddle.

The NMCRS sets a goal of 100 percent contact with all Sailors and Marines, so that they’re aware of the drive and their chance to give.

“As a chaplain, I know that the NMCRS has a mighty function within both the Navy and Marine Corps, helping Sailors and Marines when they’re in extremis,” Cmdr. Paul Rumery, Naval District Washington chairperson for the NMCRS. “When they suffer from things like hurricanes, the, wildfires in California, when they’re on deployment and in need, the NMCRS is there either with a grant or no-interest loan to assist the Sailors and Marines who serve their country.”

Having been in the military for more than 35 years, Rumery has seen many Sailors and Marines take advantage of services offered by the NMCRS.

“I was on deployment and we had some emergency messages come in and Sailors we needed to get funds to on short notice so they could travel back home to be back with sick loved ones or loved ones who had recently passed away. I’ve taken Sailors and Marines over to the NMCRS so they can do a budget if they had problems with finances due to a car breaking down or unexpected bill. They worked out some help and assistance with their personal issues, so they can focus on their mission,” said Rumery.


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