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Nagaoka Fireworks Display


In Honor of War Victims and with Our Prayers for the Pursuit of Peace
(Single-shot White Chrysanthemum fireworks)


In honor of war victims and with our prayers for the pursuit of peace, you will witness three fireworks shots of White Chrysanthemums, one of which will be presented to the night sky in honor of American war victims, one in honor of Japanese war victims, and one for the pursuit of everlasting peace in the world.

Toward a Peaceful Future for Children
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The prelude of the show, these fireworks mainly in red, white, and blue will be launched with our prayers for a bright future and happiness for our youths along with our hope that the Declaration of the Peace Summit, which the children of Honolulu and Nagaoka boldly presented, spreads around the world from Pearl Harbor, and that we be able to ensure a peaceful future.

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Nagaoka City's emblem is a symbolic figure of the legendary Phoenix, which expresses the citizens' wishes to earnestly overcome various hardships caused by the devastation of two wars and a succession of disasters. The Phoenix-shaped fireworks symbolize a safe recovery from damage caused by earthquakes. As a token of appreciation for the overwhelming support of the American people, including "Operation Tomodachi," which was conducted in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the large shells of the Phoenix Fireworks will be launched in full scale to the song "Jupiter" by Ayaka Hirihara, just as they are dispalyed in the Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Show.

America the Beautiful
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The Memorial Service, the Peace Friendship Commemorative Ceremony, and the launching of Nagaoka Fireworks all being held here at Pearl Harbor are only possible due to the full understanding and support provided by the U.S. Navy. In appreciation of their generosity, fireworks in the image of Old Glory will be launched accompanied by "America the Beautiful," which some people consider to be the second U.S. National Anthem.



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