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Transition GPS Guidance

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Information and support are available for Transition GPS and Navy's Model to accomplish the VOW Act and meet VEI Requirements. Please check back as the information supplied on this page may change.


Transition GPS Accessing Higher Education Counselor/Facilitator Training - [video] an overview of the VOW Act of 2011, Transition GPS and support provided by the Fleet and Family Support Center.

The Transition Goals, Plans, Success Virtual Curriculum is available on the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) portal. To access the curriculum and instructions visit

Joint Service Transcript (JST) - Services collaborated to offer one place for all service members to find official transcripts and validation of recommended college credits based on experience and training courses of service members and Veterans. This replaces SMART site.

Policy and Legislation

Veterans Opportunity to Work Act of 2011 (VOW to Hire Heroes) - Title 10 (§1144) mandates all service members and their spouses are provided transition assistance within 12 months of separation and 24 months of retirement.

Title 10, US Code Chapter 58 – “Benefits and Services for Members Being Separated or Recently Separated” has codified language in the VOW to Hire Heroes Act and the National Defense Authorization FY12.

OPNAVINST 1900.2B - Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP).

NAVSHORE 002/12 - Announcement of 2012 Transition GPS.

WARNORD REV(12-113a) - CNIC way-ahead for the Implementation of Transition Goals Plan Success.

NAVADMIN 334/12 - Announces new requirements for mandatory service member participation in the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) renamed Transition Goals, Plans, and Success (GPS).

NAVADMIN 053/13 - Second in a series of Transition GPS NAVADMINs, 053/13 provides clarity, and details responsibilities and reporting requirements.

NAVADMIN 187/13 - Third in a series for Transition Assistance Program/Transition GPS, 187/13 provides additional information for Capstone event.

DTM-12-007 - Implementation of Mandatory Transition Assistance Program Participation for Eligible Service Members. 

TGPS Day-1 Agenda - CNIC HQ Standard Agenda to be used by FFSCs to schedule and/or advertise Transition GPS Workshops. This agenda may only be modified as outlined in the TGPS Day-1 Agenda Guidance. The delivery of TGPS must be consistent the VOW Act, VEI TF curriculum requirements and delivered enterprise-wide the same.

TGPS Day-1 Agenda Guidance - CNIC HQ TGPS Day-1 Guidance identifies VEI TF mandatory curriculum components, WFL Consultant facilitation responsibilities and TGPS Day-1 expected outcomes. The guidance also includes several "optional components" approved for adding to the "Resilient Transition" curriculum.

DOD Transition Assistance Program MOU - Outlines Transition GPS support and services provided by Agency partners.

NAVRESFOR 004/13 - For Reserve Component Sailors, this establishes standards and procedures to meet the VOW Act requirements.

The Navy Reserve Force Master Chief currently has this video on the Navy Reserve home port web site. Check it out here.

Transition Goals, Plans, Success Video Message to the Navy Reserve. Check it out here.

VOW Act Memo from OPM - Memorandum explains "Certification" or "Statement of Service" letter for agencies to treat certain active duty service members as preference eligibles before the DD214 is received.

Capstone Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - provides procedures for executing the mandatory Capstone event. Capstone is conducted at the conclusion of Transition GPS as a CRS verification process and not to deliver the curriculum.

Documents to Bring on Day 1 of Transition GPS

Individual Transition Plans (ITPs) for Transition GPS

Transition GPS Curriculum and Webinars


Webinar on Transition GPS:


Transition GPS Brief explains the Navy delivery model for Transition Goals, Plans, Success.

DoD Forms Management Program provides the "Official" edition of Department of Defense and Secretary of Defense forms.

Military Families in Transition (MFIT) is an on-demand series to help military families and service members begin a smooth transition into civilian life by providing an overview of FFSC services, Transition Workshops, VA Benefits, and the Pre-Separation Checklist (DD Form 2648).

Get Career Advice from American Corporate Partners, a free one-year mentorship with a business leader helps participants develop relationships and plans for success in the civilian sector.

NPC Transition Assistance outlines the Transition GPS program and how it assists service members and their families to become career ready; it also showcases the program’s career readiness goals and requirements.

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