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Military Construction

The Military Construction program provides Congressional authorization and appropriation of funds that exceed local approval authority for the construction and repair of facilities at both active (MCON) and reserve (MCNR) installations. 

Major Construction
A major military construction project is the authority to carry out projects and includes:

  • Surveys and site preparation;
  • Acquisition, conversion, rehabilitation and installation of facilities;
  • Acquisition and installation of equipment and appurtenances integral to the project;
  • Acquisition and installation of supporting facilities (including utilities) and appurtenances incident to the project; and
  • Planning, supervision, administration, and overhead incident to the project.

Unspecified Minor Construction
A minor military construction project is a military construction project that is for a single undertaking at a military installation and has an approved cost equal to, or less than, the amount specified by law as the maximum amount of a minor military construction project.

Emergency Construction
An emergency construction project, by law, is considered vital to national security, or to the protection of health, safety or the quality of the environment, and is so urgent that deferral would be inconsistent with the above.

Construction Funding
Military Construction also funds land acquisition, dredging to a new (deeper) depth, and can be used to carry out architectural and engineering services and construction design.

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