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South Korea - "The Land of the Morning Calm"

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150911-N-JA207-226150911-N-JA207-226 (Chinhae, Republic of Korea) A CFAC Sailor adds his signature to a welcome banner at the Jinhae Girls School as the school and the U.S. Navy Base renewed their annual friendship agreement.

Chinhae (also spelled Jinhae) is a small city with a population of approximately 140,000 people located on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula. The city is cradled by beautiful Jahng Bok San Mountains.

In addition to being the only U.S. Navy Base in Mainland Asia, Chinhae is home to the Republic of Korea (ROK) Naval Academy and the country's largest navy base. There are many opportunities to interact with  local ROK sailors. They enjoy attending our English classes, we love that they have a Dunkin Doughnuts on base (and many other services) and everyone loves working together during COMRELS or competing on the sports fields.

The atmosphere in Chinhae is relaxed and friendly. U.S. Sailors and their families feel welcomed by the local residents. It is vital that we keep it this way and therefore it is important to remember that we are  ambassadors for the US Navy at all times.

During the springtime, approximately 160,000 cherry trees blossom and tourists from all over the world come to Chinhae for the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. Chinhae’s population more than doubles, as people flock to the city to join the festivities and show their respect to the late Admiral Yi Sun Shin.

In addition to its beautiful outdoor parks, trails, and nature sites, Chinhae has a rich history and there are many cultural sites nearby such as temples, museums, and monuments.

The language of Chinhae is Korean. Hangul is the written Korean alphabet, which is easy to learn and free classes are taught on base. English is the second language but in the smaller and less cosmopolitan areas it is rarely spoken. The Korean currency is the Won. The ATMs on base issue both Won and U.S. dollars.

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