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    This Navy command is as unique as the beautiful island on which it sits. This site will provide you with useful information about our command to include our mission and the important part we play in supporting Navy operations in this part of the world. You’ll also find helpful links that will assist you in your transition for your upcoming PCS. Finally, you’ll find useful information and interesting images of the island of Okinawa which plays a vital role in the strategic alliance between the United States and Japan. Fleet Activities Okinawa prides itself on providing the highest quality of service and support to the Fleet, Fighter and Family.

American Village - American Village, located in Mihama, is one of the major shopping and eating districts in Okinawa. White Beach Naval Facility - White Beach Naval Facility is the heartbeat of Fleet Activities Okinawa and offers lots of fun recreational activities for Sailors and families! Shuri Castle - Shuri Castle, a Ryukyuan castle originally constructed in the 14th century and restored in 1992, is a famous landmark of Okinawa and open for tours! CFAO Headquarters - Fleet Activities Okinawa is headquartered on Kadena Air Base, but operates throughout several locations on Okinawa. Members of various Veterans of Foriegn Wars Posts render salutes during Veterans Day Ceremony on Kadena Air Base, Nov. 11.

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AtAtHoc Emergency Notification System

AtHoc is the system used by CFAO to provide emergency notifications to all Navy and related personnel on Okinawa during emergencies. This system has the capability of sending alerts out to mobile and home telephones, via e-mail, and via text messaging. This system will be utilized to alert as many personnel as possible for notification, safety, security, and any required follow-on actions or requirements.

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For questions or further assistance please, contact the AtHoc system administrator at corryn.brown.ctr@fe.navy.mil, DSN 634-6283, off-base dial the operator at 098-938-1111 then dial 634-6283 after the tone).

AtHoc 集団通知システム

当司令部のAtHoc 集団通知システムは、緊急時に沖縄に所在するすべての海軍関係者に緊急警報を配信します。警報は携帯電話、家庭の固定電話やメールに通知することができ、できるだけ多くの関係者へ通知、安全確保、事後対応などの目的で利用されます。

ご質問等はCFAO AtHoc 担当者 コリン・ブラウンまでご連絡ください。

Eメール: corryn.brown.ctr@fe.navy.milまたは電話634-6283 (一般電話からは基地交換098-938-1111 からダイヤル音の後に634-6283)。





This is a much needed step in reevaluating our COLA for Japan.  This survey

is for all military members, and will provide the necessary data for the

next step, which is the Retail Price Survey.  We need as many of your

service members to participate as possible, the more data received - the

better the accuracy of the survey.  I will continue to keep you updated on

the stats from each of our installations in Japan.  This is random, so the

numbers will not be specific to names, but will for installations. 


The Living Pattern Survey is open for all Military Members in all Japanese


Thanks in advance for encouraging participation.

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