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Fleet Readiness (MWR, CYP & Galleys)


656 Whipple St.
Building 656
Naval Station Newport
Newport, RI 02841-1522

Telephone: 401-841-2643
Fax: 401-841-7811

Whether you enjoy sailing, physical fitness, fine dining or just relaxing, the Naval Station Newport MWR Program has something for you. MWR provides recreation, dining, entertainment and physical fitness programs/services to authorized patrons. Information about MWR programs, events and facilities may be found in the weekly base newspaper, The Newport Navalog, the Naval Station Newport RI and Naval Station Newport RI MWR Facebook pages, on Twitter @NAVSTANPTRIMWR, as well as the monthly MWR publication, Leisure Times. Individual facility information may be obtained by calling or visiting the facility. Whatever your leisure time interests, MWR has something for everyone. Visit facilities soon and often and take advantage of the many services and activities being offered. MWR hours of operation are subject to change.

Below is a quick reference list for MWR telephone numbers:
All area codes are "401"

MWR Installation Program Director:  841-3164
MWR Administrative Officer:  841-1358
Business Manager:   841-3294
Human Resources:   841-7697
Marketing/Publicity:   841-4992
Facilities Manager:   841-2128
Fitness Director:   841-7354

Installation Program Director:  841-3164
Administrative Officer:   841-1358
Auto Skills Center:   841-3026
Bowling Center:  841-4293
Business Office:  841-3294
Child Development Center:  841-4562
Child Development Homes:   841-1953
Community Recreaton Center:  841-3054

Computer Cafe & Coffee Shop:  841-2088
Facilities Manager:  841-2128
Fitness Director:  841-7354
Harbor Island Conference Center:  841-1442
Hewitt Hall Cafe:  841-4655
GOTickets:  841-2094
John H. Chafee Fitness Center: 841-3154
John H. Chafee Fitness Center Pool: 841-6628
Liberty Center:  841-1053
Navy Sailing Center and Marina:  841-3283
Officers’ Club:  841-1442
Outdoor Recreation Rental:  841-2568
Personnel: 841-7697
Picnic Area Reservations: 841-1442
Publicity/Marketing:  841-4992
Enlisted Club:  841-2575
School-age Care:  841-2883
School Liaison Officer:  841-7126
Special Events:  841-3127
Tennis Courts:  841-3154
Vehicle Storage Lot:  841-4293




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