Naval Station Newport Security

For driving onto base:

Pass & ID Office

Building 1377, Cloyne Court

Pass & ID Office: 841-3126

One of the primary concerns upon reporting aboard will be to obtain vehicle authorization. During working hours, this authorization will be issued at the Naval Station Newport Pass & ID office, Building 1377, located at Cloyne Court off of Training Station Road near gate one. If reporting after working hours, passes for 24 to 72 hours may be obtained at Gate 1.


To drive on the installation the following requirements must be met:

Valid vehicle registration; valid driver's license; valid military or government ID card; valid vehicle inspection; and current insurance company name and policy number (insurance policy must meet the Rhode Island requirements of $25,000 bodily injury liability per person, $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident and $25,000 personal property liability).

In addition you must sign the Non-Government Vehicle Registration Form (OPNAV 5560/1), certifying that all traffic, security and parking regulations will be followed and relieving the government of liability for any loss or damage, not attributable to negligence of employees on official duty.

Violation of state and local traffic laws may result in suspension of base driving privileges. You cannot drive on the installation if you do not meet the aforementioned requirements. For visitor, contractor or other access requests contact the Pass & ID Office for instructions on the admission process.

Security Department Headquarters

Building 1373, Simonpietri Drive

Emergencies: 911

Police Dispatcher: 841-3241/3242

Fax: 841-2648

Detectives: 841-2595/4004

Fax: 841-3120

Security Director/Precinct

Commander: 841-3025

Police Operations Officer: 841-2646

Assistance from the community plays a major role in helping the Naval Station's Security Department. Suspicious activity should be reported to the Police Dispatcher immediately and emergencies via 911. You are encouraged to report anything out of the ordinary and you may remain anonymous.

The Naval Station's police force is a full-service law enforcement agency which maintains close ties with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Federal police officers maintain 24-hour daily patrol of the installation, tenant commands and surrounding federal property. Our patrol officers enforce all laws and regulations to include United States Code (USC), Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), assimilated Rhode Island law and applicable instructions.

They ensure the integrity of our gates, offer assistance to those in need and proactive patrol measures serve to detect, deter, and defend against terrorist activity. Detectives are on staff to investigate criminal activity. The coordinated efforts of all branches of the Security Department working together ensure the protection and service to our community. The Security Director and Operations Officer are responsible for maintaining the quality, professionalism and training of our personnel, provide a link from the public to the Commanding Officer, as well as gather data and view trends of criminal and security concerns so our law enforcement and security resources are utilized to their maximum potential.


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