Travel Claims

Permanent Change of Station Travel Claims

A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel claim package needs to be complete and accurate for both a service member and his or her dependent(s), if applicable; in order for them to receive all allowed travel entitlements. 


CPC’s and the traveler must use the required checklist(s) for travel claims.  These checklists (for both PCS and TDY) are provided at the bottom of this page.  Please use these checklists (as appropriate) at all times.  That way your travel packages are not returned back to your command for correction.  Returning these packages back further delays the liquidation process.


Please go to for more information concerning PCS travel entitlements.


Reserve Travel Claims


Reserve Travel Claim packages need to be submitted by the traveler’s CPC through TOPS within 5 days following the return travel date.  CPC’s and the traveler must use the required checklist for travel claims as well.  It covers what is needed for travel entitlements to be paid to a member on TDY/Reserve Orders.  Please go to for more information about TDY travel entitlements.


What happens after PSD Corpus Christi receives your "complete and accurate" travel claim package?


After PSD Corpus Christi receives your "complete and accurate" travel claim package and which must be submitted via TOPS, we check and verify that in fact all documents and forms are completed and signed before the travel claim package is forwarded to the Travel Processing Center (TPC) in Jacksonville, FL for processing and/or for liquidation purposes. 


Reviewing Your MYPAY Account to Determine Claim Settlement


An advice of payment is generated by DFAS to the member’s myPay account when the travel claim is processed and/or is completed.  Any questions or concerns a member may have about a travel claim needs to be brought up to the attention of the member’s CPC first.  The CPC will in turn communicate via TOPS with the Deputy Disbursing Officer (DDO) here at PSD Corpus Christi with any concerns the member or members may have and the DDO will reply back to the CPC via TOPS.


All travelers should log on to "myPay" for the Advice of Payment.  PSD Corpus Christi no longer issue Travel Voucher Summaries (TVS). 


Very important:  At the bottom of this page you will find different files that will help the CPC's and members as they complete travel claims. Request you please download these files to your computer and print them out for reference.  As a CPC you will need them when you are assisting members complete their travel claim packages.


Do you have travel questions?  If so, please click here:  Once you are there, go to the right side of the page and look for “Travel Tools”.  Under Travel Tools look for "DOD Travel Regulations".  Once you are there, go to the right side of the page and look for “Quick Links and Resources” then look for "Chapters 1-10" then click that hyperlink.


Again, you are more than welcome to communicate with the PSD Corpus Christi Deputy Disbursing Officer (DDO) via your CPC if you have any questions about pay and travel entitlements.  Thank you.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the PSD Corpus Christi portion of this Public Website, please e-mail me at PSDNASCC@NAVY.MIL


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