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Balancing today’s mission needs through proactive compliance, education, and conservation to protect our environment for tomorrow is the standard for the Environmental Division. NAS Pensacola has a wealth of unique natural resources. Historically and today, these resources, make NAS Pensacola a great place to work, train, and live.

The administering framework for all environmental programs at NAS Pensacola is its Environmental Management System (EMS). EMS manages all legal requirements for compliance and sets internal goals for continual improvements. The driver for EMS is the Commanding Officer’s Environmental Policy. Significant aspects inherent to the processes here at NAS Pensacola that are targeted for continuous improvements include increased recycling, increased energy conservation, and reduced chemical usage.

This installation, with the needs and requirements of a small city, has a variety of activities or processes that interact with the environment. Our command vision is to effectively manage air, land and sea resources with continuous improvements to maintain NAS Pensacola’s premier natural beauty and resources.








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