05B4 Flight Operations

Flight Operations

Naval Air Station, North Island (NASNI) and Naval Outlying Landing Field (OLF), Imperial Beach are 24-hour airfields, operating seven days a week.



The Naval Base Coronado Operations Duty Officer will collect the data required to investigate the complaint and will, upon request, respond to each complaint as quickly as possible.

The Navy recognizes the importance of being good neighbors with the local communities and makes every effort to balance noise abatement with the need to train Navy pilots. There are times however, when pilots must make varying approaches/departures that are not part of the “normal” pattern, yet are still within the Navy’s authorized airspace.

NOTE: Flight operations at NASNI/OLF may be conducted around the clock, seven days a week. Flights originating / heading to Naval Base Coronado installations operate in a wide airspace radius and, like civilian aircraft, military planes are not limited to where they can fly.

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