Total Force Manpower

Total Force manpower management is the methodical process of determining validating, and using manpower requirements to inform budget decisions, prioritizing manpower authorizations based on a available funding and personnel executability; and translating authorizations into a demand signal for personnel, training and education processes.  In understanding Total Force Manpower Management, it is important to highlight:

    a.  Fiscal constraints can restrict the Navy from authorizing (buying) all of the validated Total Force requirements.

    b.  Resources sponsors and Enterprise/Enablers must choose the amount of mission/workload to fund while maximizing their value stream within fiscal constraints.

    c.  Enterprises/Enablers and Budget Submitting Offices (BSOs) must specify which Total Force requirements they would like to authorize (fund) by skill and pay grade, and pay band.

    d.  CNO (N1) must adjudicate authorization request accounting for the health and executability of Navy communities.

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