05B4 Housing and Lodging
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Operations and Management
Fleet and Family Readiness

Housing and Lodging


The Navy Housing Program provides modern, comfortable facilities that reflect the Navy’s commitment to quality of life. In addition, the Housing Program provides a variety of housing referral services to customers. From transient and permanent lodging for single Sailors to multi-room housing units for families, Navy Housing professionals provide high-quality facilities and services.

 Housing Office

  • Residency assistance for military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense.
  • Find properties for sale and rent and local hotel information.
  • Apply for military family housing.
  • Set-Aside Program - security deposit and application fee waived for active duty at select apartments as well as discounted rental fees.
  • Office location - Housing Referral Office is located in Building 17, 3rd Floor, Suite 3D
  • Hours - Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Phone - toll-free 1-(800) 358-6301, local - 301-295-6564, DSN 295-6564,  local - 301-295-0798/1138
  • Local private housing
    • Very expensive in the Washington area.
    • 12-month lease is common. Short-term leases may be available at higher rental fee.
    • Military clause required in all leases. If needed, contact the Housing Office for a sample clause.
    • Current Department of Defense and Navy directives state that all military personnel “are directed to report to the appropriate Housing Referral Office prior to negotiating any agreement for off-base housing.”

  • Government quarters at NSA Bethesda
    • Limited to five for senior officers and three for senior enlisted stationed at Bethesda.
    • Military family quarters are available in the Washington area but the commuting distance to NSA Bethesda should be carefully considered.

    More information on Navy Housing web site.


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