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Unaccompanied Housing

Unaccompanied personnel reporting to Naval Support Activity Washington (NSAW) have a number of excellent Housing choices located on Joint Base Anacostia Bolling (JBAB). Unaccompanied Housing (formerly Bachelor Housing - BH) conveniently has three (3) separate buildings that house a variety of service members of the Armed Forces. For information about the Bachelor Housing Program please contact the Department Head for Unaccompanied Housing at 202-685-0878 or 202-433-3786. You also may call (202) 433-2667 after hours.

Navy Ceremonial Guard - Furnari Hall, Bldg 417
Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
Front Desk: 202-433-2667
Building Manager: 202-433-2387
Front desk operates 24 hours a day.  Central check-in for all permanent party residents. Furnari Hall is a 250-room, 125 suite facility, designed to house the Navy's Ceremonial Guard.

Enterprise Hall, Bldg 72
Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
Building Manager: 202-433-0960
Enterprise Hall is an 86-room facility.  It houses the Liberty Center for E1-E6 Unaccompanied Service Members as well as two lounges with cable TV and a full kitchen that all residents share on the second deck.

Blanchard Barracks Bldg 1302
Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
Building Manager: 202-767-8636
Blanchard Barracks is a 188-room facility that house all members of the Armed Forces.  This is a Navy 1+1 facility with shared baths and full kitchens.

As an added convenience to residents there are lounges equipped with televisions and vending machines.

There are many advantages to living on base for Single Sailors:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Close to work
  • Centrally located
  • Off Street parking
  • Utility bills included
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Vending / Recreational Area
  • Close to NEX, Commissary, Galley, Gym & Pool

The Housing Service Center (HSC) stands ready to assist you in determining your eligibility and options to locate suitable housing. Depending on your assignment status (shore duty, sea duty, student, etc.) and pay grade, your options may include Navy Unaccompanied Housing (UH), Unaccompanied Public-Private Venture Housing (UH PPV), or housing in the local community.

In general, sea and shore duty personnel in pay grades E1-E4 (with less than four years service) can expect to reside in permanent party UH. Based on local conditions 50 to 75 percent of E4’s with more than four years of service will be housed in UH. More senior personnel are expected to reside in the local community.

UH facilities are government-owned and managed housing. The only utilities you pay are cable TV, Internet and landline telephone ( if these services are desired). In return, your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will stop.

Geographical Bachelors (GB) are personnel who are under PCS orders to the NCR who by choice, or circumstance have decided that their dependents will continue to live in another geographical area. GBs are receiving BAH at the w/dependent rate. They are not normally authorized to live in UH, however we do have a limited number of living spaces available for GBs. GBs must submit a GB package, which is available at Furnari Hall (Bldg 417). Once the GB package is submitted it is reviewed by the GB panel and must be presented in a Review Board environment. If approved, the GB will be offered a room if he/she hasn’t already been assigned one, or be placed on a waiting list until one becomes available. GBs will also have the option to apply to be a Resident Advisor (RA). For more information about the GB program and to obtain an application, please contact the UH Administration Office at 202-433-2984 or after hours call 202-433-2667.

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