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Items 1 through 8 below are required of all military personnel 

Information Assurance (IA) Training 

Information Assurance (IA) awareness training is now mandated for all users of Department of Defense (DOD) information systems. This requirement applies to Department of Navy (DON) personnel who have or will require access to DOD or DON computers. For military, this includes active duty, Reserve, retired, and Individual Augmentees.

Information Assurance training must be taken annually, no later than September 1 each year, as a condition of being granted and retaining access to DOD and DON computer systems. The IA training course, DOD Information Assurance Awareness, is available on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) website, as well as through Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) and CNIC’s Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) system. You will need a Common Access Card (CAC) to use NKO or TWMS. 

Validation of IA training completion is required in order for personnel in-processing to proceed.

  Requirement Your Action
 1  Information Assurance (IA) Training

First:  Complete IA training  

• VIA NKO (CAC required):

• VIA TWMS (CAC required):

• VIA DISA (CAC not required):

Second:  Notify N Code Executive Assistant (EA) of completion 

• If you took IA training via NKO or DISA, fax or e-mail completion certificate to EA

• If you took IA  training through TWMS, inform EA, who will notify N64 to view your  completion certificate in TWMS


System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)

All newly arriving or transferring military personnel are required to submit OPNAV 5239/14, System Authorization Access Request-Navy (SAAR-N), in order to obtain DON e-mail accounts and gain access to the CNIC Gateway. 

OPNAV 5239/14 Rev 9/2011 provides an electronic format that can be filled out on screen, digitally signed, and forwarded via e-mail. This form replaces OPNAV 5239/14 Rev 7/2008, which is now obsolete. Your CAC generates a valid digital signature for the SAAR-N if you complete the form on any CAC-enabled computer. Other digital signatures are not accepted on this form.

Personnel requiring a Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) e-mail account will be directed to complete additional system authorization documents when they check in on site.

  Requirement Your Action
 2  SAAR-N  (OPNAV 5239/14   Rev 9/2011) 

Note:  JavaScript must be enabled to fill out the SAAR-N properly

First:  Complete preliminary section - 


• DATE  -  Enter date you are completing form

• SYSTEM NAME  -  Enter "NMCI"

• LOCATION  -  Enter name of your CNIC HQ location; i.e., Washington Navy Yard, Anacostia, or remote HQ site

Second:  Complete Part I - 

• Enter required information in Blocks 1-9

• If you have taken Information Assurance training, complete Block 10; if not, follow guidelines under check-in requirement #1 above before proceeding with the SAAR-N form

Third:  Complete User Agreement section of Part II - 

• Read User Agreement (Block 22)

• Type your name in Block 23

• If you are using a CAC-enabled computer, click in Block 24, click SIGN in the digital signature box, then enter date in Block 25

• If you are not using a CAC-enabled computer, you must sign a hard copy of the SAAR-N when you check in with HQ Security on site 

Fourth:  Click gray E-MAIL SUBMIT tab & e-mail form to CNIC HQ Supervisor  OR  print out SAAR-N & bring to on-site check-in


Military Personnel (MILPERS)

In-processing military personnel must complete certain forms required by PSD Washington. 

  Requirement Your Action
 3  MILPERS Travel Claims & PSD Forms

First:  Read PSD Gain Package cover sheet, then print out required forms from PSD Gain Package

Second:  Complete forms & bring to on-site check-in for submittal to CNIC MILPERS representative


Common Access Card (CAC)

You must have a valid Common Access Card (CAC) to check in at CNIC Headquarters. Your CAC is your key to computer accesses and accounts. If your CAC is not up to date, contact the security office of your current organization for assistance.  

  Requirement Your Action
 4  CAC Contact current organization's security office to update CAC


Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS)

CNIC’s Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) system offers a number of functionalities, including daily muster and on-line training. A TWMS account is also required to access Gateway 2.0, CNIC’s single on-line operational environment. 

  Requirement Your Action
  5    TWMS Form Complete TWMS form for military & submit to N Code EA when you check in on site


Security Requirements

Security requirements include several activities that can be initiated prior to arrival but must be completed on site. CNIC personnel who will work at remote HQ sites must check in with the local CNIC HQ Security points of contact (POCs).

  Requirement Your Action
  6    Security Forms & Briefing   Complete security requirements in 6a-6c below
 6a  Security Check-In & Request for Access 

Print out, fill in personal information, & bring form to on-site check-in for supervisor's signature & HQ Security sign-off

 6b  Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Print out form & bring when you report to HQ Security, for witnessed signature 
 6c    DOD Security Awareness Indoctrination Briefing First:  Read DOD Initial Security Awareness Indoctrination at  

Second:  Print out & sign certificate of completion for on-site submittal to HQ Security


Name Tag

CNIC Headquarters requires that all personnel working at the Washington Navy Yard or Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling wear name tags. Inform your N Code Sponsor or EA how how you would like your name to appear on your name tag,

  Requirement Your Action
 7    Name Tag

Call, e-mail, or submit Name Tag form to N Code Sponsor or EA


Workspace, Computer, and Desk Phone Set-Up

The EA for the N Code you will support must submit a document called a Move-Add-Change (MAC) request, on your behalf, to the N6 Information Technology (IT) staff. This action initiates the process for obtaining computer equipment and establishing accounts, accesses, and connectivity. The N Code EA is responsible for making sure that your workspace is available and your office equipment is in place prior to your arrival.      

  Requirement Your Action
 8  Workspace, Computer, & Desk Phone Set-Up Contact N Code EA to obtain workspace location & telephone number


If Applicable  

Review items 9 and 10 below and complete those requirements that apply to you 

  Requirement Your Action
 9  IF you have a Government Travel Card Contact your current organization's government travel card representative to deactivate your account there
 10  IF your CNIC HQ position requires your Top Secret clearance Print out Personal Attestation Upon the Granting of a Security Clearance and/or Access form & bring to HQ Security during on-site check-in, for completion & signing 


This completes pre-arrival check-in activities

Please proceed with on-site requirements when you arrive at CNIC HQ 

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