Chief of Naval Operations' Navy Family Framework

Chief of Naval Operations’ Navy Family Framework (November 2017)

Our Navy is charged with maintaining maritime superiority. We execute this charge with our Navy team - our Sailors, civilians, and Navy families. Navy families are an integral part of our Navy team and a vital contributor to mission success. This Navy Family Framework describes the role that Navy families play in mission success, the responsibilities that the Navy has for our families, and outlines some organizational goals to enhance the mutual support between the Navy and our families.

CNO Family Framework

Navy Family Framework Fiscal Year 2018 Report

Our first annual report is provided in accordance with requirements set forth in the Navy Family Framework, released by the Chief of Naval Operations in November 2017. The Navy Family Framework called for Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) to serve as the central advocate for Navy families. It asked that we provide an annual assessment of CNIC programs that support the overall health of Navy families, trends on common challenges, an avenue to collect and share best practices, and the means for Navy families to provide input on Navy-wide initiatives. This FY2018 Report reflects the achievements made by all CNIC quality of life programs to include the N00 Religious Ministry Program and the N9 Fleet and Family Readiness Program (N91 Family Readiness; N92 Fleet Readiness, N93 Navy Housing, N95 Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor Program).

CNIC Navy Family Framework Fiscal Year 2018 Report to the CNO


Family Framework Governance Board Charter - CNIC INSTRUCTION 1701.1 (dated 29 Aug 2018)

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) serves as the central advocate for Navy families and is charged with supporting the overall health of Navy families, understanding their common challenges, collecting and sharing best practices and providing a means for Navy families to provide input on Navy wide initiatives. The Family Framework Governance Board (FFGB) will be the organizational venue for achieving these objectives.

CNIC Instruction 1701.1

Family Support Program Assessment

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP), in partnership with OPNAV, carried out a Spouse Engagement Study (SES) over a period of nine months, from January to September 2018. The SES solicited feedback from Navy family members, Navy leadership, CNIC headquarters staff and FFSP staff to review programs and services administered through Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs).



2018 Fleet and Family Support Program Annual Report

The Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) is a mission-essential resource for service members, families and command leadership seeking resiliency support to help keep Sailors mission-ready and prepared to meet the unique challenges of the Navy lifestyle.

This 2018 FFSP Annual Report highlights the prevention efforts across all FFSPs functional areas.

Fleet and Family Support Program 2018 Annual Report


Command Family Readiness Program

The primary goal of the Command Family Readiness Program is to support mission readiness for the total force by establishing standards for the delivery of coordinated support services, outreach, and information to family members and Sailors throughout the Navy.


Updated February 13, 2019

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