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EFMP Enrollment Process

EFMP enrollment (090725-N-0807A-004)

Special needs are:

  • Identified during routine healthcare (Medical Treatment Facility or TRICARE Health Provider)
  • Self-identified (service or family member)
  • Identified during Suitability Screening by the Suitability Screening Coordinator 

Service and/or family member contact the Medical Treatment Facility EFMP Coordinator who assists with completing the forms and required addenda as follows:

  • The MTF EFMP Coordinator forwards the completed enrollment forms electronically via the Navy Family Accountability Assessment System (NFAAS) to the appropriate regional Central Screening Committee (CSC). CSCs are located at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA; San Diego, CA; and US Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan.
  • The CSC reviews the enrollment form, recommends a category code and forwards the form to the Navy EFMP Manager.

There are six Navy EFMP enrollment categories:

  • Category I - for monitoring purposes only
  • Category II - pinpoint to specific geographic locations
  • Category III - no overseas assignments
  • Category IV - major medical areas in CONUS
  • Category V - homesteading
  • Category VI - temporary enrollment - update required in 6-12 months

Navy Personnel Command confirms the category code and enters the enrollment data into an EFMP data base.

Navy detailers use the EFMP enrollment data to pinpoint assignments to locations with appropriate resources that can address the special needs.

If an EFMP need is identified, the sponsor should begin the enrollment process at the NFAAS website. (Use the EFM tab on the top of the home page.)

Required Forms
DD Form 2792 (PDF), Exceptional Family Member Medical and Educational Summary
DD Form 2792-1 (PDF), Exceptional Family Member Special Education / Early Intervention Summary

NOTE: If you are eligible for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) transfer in the next twelve months, begin to update now to avoid unnecessary delays.

NOTE: DoD civilian employees and their family members do not enroll in the EFMP.

Updated November 4, 2020

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