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Family Employment


The Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP) provides no cost consultations, programs and services to help families in the job search process. Consultants are available to guide spouses and family members on career planning, job seeking and resume writing, as well as to help them prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.

Don’t forget about volunteering. It is a great way to learn new skills, create important networks and gain experience while contributing to the community.

Navy Spouse Licensure Reimbursement
The Department of the Navy is dedicated to supporting families and currently provides resources and advocacy for spouse employment. Section 556 of the National Defense Authorization Action FY18 provides the Navy the opportunity to reimburse members up to $500 for state licensure and certification costs of a spouse of a member of the Armed Forces arising from relocation to another state due to a permanent change of station (PCS) or permanent change of assignment. NDAA FY 20 Section 577 increased the amount up to $1,000.

This article provides policy and procedures for Military Spouse Licensure Reimbursement.

This NAVADMIN announces that as part of the ongoing Navy Family Framework effort to expand and improve the experience for Navy spouses and families, Sailors may be reimbursed up to $500 for the state licensure and certification costs of a spouse arising from relocation to another state due to a permanent change of station (PCS) move.

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO)
SECO consultants provide professional guidance to military spouses on careers, education and training, employment readiness and career connections.

Search for jobs online using the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) which connects military spouse-friendly companies with jobs to military spouses seeking employment.

Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA)
MyCAA provides financial assistance to eligible spouses pursuing licensure, certification or an associate degree.

Family Employment Readiness Program
Fleet and Family Support Center offers a variety of services if you are looking for a career or simply a temporary job. Learn more about how FERP can help you.

Beginning Your Search: Career Exploration
Wondering where you should start to find a career? Or, perhaps you are ready for a change in your existing career.

A resume is the key to obtaining interviews. Fleet and Family Support Centers can help make sure your resume advertises your skills and abilities.

The job interview is your opportunity to market yourself and learn more about the position.

Federal Employment
If you are a spouse who meets certain criteria, you may be eligible for non-competitive entry into federal employment or employment placement preference in DoD civilian personnel positions.

Do you want a job where you can be your own boss, set your own hours, or have the flexibility you need to raise a family and support your Sailor's career?

Some of the best reasons to volunteer include offering your time to individuals and organizations in need, sharing your skills, connecting with the community and making a difference in someone else’s life. Volunteering is a positive, altruistic act.

Visit websites that assist you in your job search and career exploration.

Updated November 2, 2020

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