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Ombudsman Coordinators

Ombudsman Coordinators reach out to new ombudsmen, providing support and information to them and their commanding officers. It is the responsibility of the commanding officers to ensure that all ombudsmen are registered in the Ombudsman Registry, but Ombudsman Coordinators have the means to assist with this and any questions that arise about the command’s Ombudsman Program.

The Ombudsman Coordinator 2016 Desk Guide provides guidance for this very important Fleet and Family Support Center position.

Certified Ombudsman Trainers (COTs)

Only CNIC-Certified Ombudsman Trainers (COTs) are authorized to instruct OBT / eOBT. The COT Application CNIC 1750/2 and COT Requirements detail the criteria for COT candidates and the process for submitting application packages. The COT Candidate Knowledge Check must be completed in full and in detail.  You may use Ombudsman Program resources to help with this activity.

Coordinators should ensure that applications are completed in full before submitting to CNIC’s Ombudsman Training Coordinator. Candidates should demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Ombudsman Program that is reflected on the application and in the letters of recommendation. Incomplete application packages will not be reviewed. View COT Training Schedules.

Certified Ombudsman Trainer (COTs) Transfer Policy

Certified Ombudsman Trainers (COTs) are a valuable resource to the ombudsman program. Commander, Navy Installations Command has developed a transfer policy for COTs, found in the Ombudsman Coordinator Desk Guide on page 63, section 7.5.2. CNIC's Ombudsman Training Coordinator will be informed of all transferring COTs and will assist with the transfer process.

Region Train the Trainers (RTTs)

Region Train the Trainers (RTTs) teach Certified Ombudsman Trainers (COTs).  Region Program Directors will nominate candidates to become RTTs; potential RTTs must be a current COT, display an in-depth knowledge of the Ombudsman Program and be experienced trainers and/or facilitators. For more information, please review the RTT Requirements and RTT Nomination Form, CNIC 1750/1.


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