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PFM Touchpoint Checklists

The Personal Financial Management (PFM) Touchpoint Checklists and handouts are for the Command Financial Specialist (CFS) or PFM meeting with Sailors when they reach a touchpoint in their career or life requiring financial training.

  • The checklists titled My Checklist are for the counselee. It has a place for the PFM or CFS to sign showing they have provided the training, a list of appropriate handouts the counselee should leave with, and a handy reminder of the financial items important at this stage in their journey.
  • The PFM/CFS Checklist has handy notes that guide conversation, ensures you meet all the required topics at the touchpoint, and show required handouts for this touchpoint in their career or life.

Checklist Instructions

Counselee Checklists                                         Counselor Checklists

Continuation Pay Counselee Checklist                 Continuation Pay Counselor Checklist

Divorce Counselee Checklist                                Divorce Counselor Checklist

Leadership Counselee Checklist                           Leadership Counselor Checklist

Marriage Counselee Checklist                               Marriage Counselor Checklist

Navy Pre-Deployment Counselee Checklist          Navy Pre-Deployment Counselor Checklist

New Child Counselee Checklist                             New Child Counselor Checklist

PCS Counselee Checklist                                      PCS Counselor Checklist

Post-Deployment Counselee Checklist                  Post-Deployment Counselor Checklist       

Promotion Counselee Checklist                             Promotion Counselor Checklist

Vesting in the TSP Counselee Checklist                Vesting in the TSP Counselor Checklist

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