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Resources for Service Members

Transition Service Delivery Model
The Navy Service Delivery Model is designed to ensure that Service members meet Career Readiness Standards (CRS) for a successful transition to civilian life. 


Transition Legislation and Policies

  • The VOW to Hire Heroes Act (P.L. 112-56) states that all Service members and their spouses receive transition assistance within 24 months of retirement and 12 months of separation (2011).
  • Title 10, US Code Chapter 58 “Benefits and Services for Members being Separated or Recently Separated” codified language found in the VOW to Hire Heroes Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) FY12.
  • DTM 12-007 “Implementation of Mandatory Transition Assistance Program Participation for Eligible Service Members” 


Establishes Policy
The following policy guidance assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures by which the Military Departments administer the mandatory Transition Assistance Program.

  • DoD TAP Memorandum of Understanding establishes agreements between the DOD, DOL, VA, ED, USCG, SBA and OPM regarding the parties’ collaboration on the redesigned Transition Assistance Program (2014).
  • OPNAVINST 1900.2B implements provisions of references (a) through (k) and issue policy and guidance for establishment and execution of the Navy Transition Assistance Management Program (2007).
  • DoDINST 1332.35 Transition Assistance Program (TAP) for Military Families


Documents for Service members to bring to the TAP Workshop


Participant Guides:


Transition Workshop Tools


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Updated November 3, 2020

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