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Navy PPV Projects

Navy Awarded PPV Project

Navy Awarded PPV Projects

Family Housing Project  Scope  Award  Awardee/Developer
Navy-Southeast Regional (SC, MS, FL, GA, TX) 5,269 Sep-07 Balfour Beatty Communities
Navy-Midwest, South Millington, TN (Phase II) 318 Sep-07 Hunt
Midwest Regional (IL, IN) 1,401 Dec-05 Hunt
MidAtlantic-Navy Region (VA, WV, MD) 5,826 Aug-05 Lincoln
Navy Northwest Region, WA (Phase I) 2,985 Feb-05 Hunt
Northeast Region (NY, NJ, CT, RI, ME) 3,021 Nov-04 Balfour Beatty Communities
Navy Regional, HI (Phases I and III) 4,465 May-04 to Sep-06 Hunt
Naval Complex South Texas, TX 415 Feb-02 Landmark Organization
Naval Complex New Orleans, LA 941 Oct-01 Patrician Asset Management Co
Naval Complex San Diego, CA Phases I thru IV (CA, NV) 14,265 Aug-01 to May-06 Lincoln/Clark
Naval Station Everett, WA (Phase II) 288 Dec-00 Gateway
Naval Air Station Kingsville, TX (Phase II) 150 Nov-00 Hunt
Naval Station Everett, WA (Phase I) (sold) 185 Mar-97 Dujardin
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi/NAS Kingsville, TX 404 Jul-96 Landmark Organization
MidAtlantic (Phase II)(Mechanicsburg) 31 Feb-10 Lincoln
MidAtlantic-San Diego Phase V 257 Feb-10 Lincoln



Unaccompanied Housing Project  Scope*  Award Awardee/Developer
Pacific Beacon (San Diego, CA) 2,398 Dec-06 Clark
Homeport Hampton Roads (Norfolk, VA) 3,682 Dec-07 Hunt

*Unaccompanied expressed in # of rooms.

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