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Courtesy Moves

Local moves, also known as courtesy or intra-station moves, are government-funded moves of household goods within the same city, town, or metropolitan area under authorized circumstances.

Local moves are most often authorized when military family housing is not available for assignment following a PCS move, and Service Members must find temporary housing in the community until the military family housing becomes available. Local moves may also be authorized when directed by competent authority on the basis of a service requirement. Local moves are not authorized for the service member’s convenience or morale. The Housing Service Center (HSC) works with the service member and their family to make the local move as easy as possible.


There are several different circumstances that may indicate eligibility for government assistance:

  • Local moves to or from government housing
  • Local moves to or from privatized housing
  • Temporary moves to and from government or privatized housing
  • Directed by competent authority to vacate local economy quarters
  • Other considerations include landlord foreclosure
  • Exceptions: The Commanding officer of the Installation has the authority to make exceptions to this policy that does not conflict with law or other regulations

Considerations for Requesting Local Moves

Policy for local moves is outlined by the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 5, Part C, Section 0519. CNIC Navy Housing policy is outlined in 11103.12, “Navy Housing and Intra-Station Moves”. Additional policy for qualifying for local moves may be instituted by the Installation Commanding Officer and it is important to contact your installation HSC for specific command eligibility and terms when you first arrive.

Rejecting offers of military family housing may disqualify you from a future local move (This does not disqualify you from housing-just from a government-funded move).

Generally, Service Members must contact the installation HSC within 30 days of arrival to retain rights to a local move.

Required Documents for Military Housing Applications

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