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FAQs About the Rental Partnership Program (RPP)

Will I have to pay an application fee or a security deposit on RPP Housing?

There is no application or administration fee associated with RPP Housing. However, the landlord may charge a reservation fee of up to $100 to hold a housing unit. The reservation fee will be applied towards the first month’s rent. If for some reason the Service Member does not qualify, the fee will be returned.

Can a landlord change the rent based on a Service Member’s rank?

No, there is an established RPP rate that is not based on rank.

I have poor credit, can I still use RPP?

You cannot be denied because of your credit history.

I have a pet; will I be required to pay additional pet deposits or other associated fees?

RPP does not dictate landlord pet policy. Individual landlords may require additional pet fees.

Am I eligible for housing in the RPP?

All active-duty Service Members, married or single with a minimum of 180 days remaining prior to EAOS and PRD.

How do I get approved for Rental Partnership Program Housing?

The Service Member must provide orders and Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to the HSC. The Service Member must have a minimum of 180 days remaining prior to EAOS and PRD. If single and E-4 or below, the Service Member must have approval from the Command to live off-base. The Service Member must complete a counseling session in person or over the phone with the HSC. When counseling has been completed, the Service Member will receive a letter of eligibility, which is presented to the landlord, authorizing participation in the Rental Partnership Program.

I am currently in a lease; when can I get into RPP?

It is up to the individual management companies to release a member from their current lease to participate in this program. The Service Member can participate in the RPP at the end of the original lease term by signing a new lease. If the Service Member decides to participate in the RPP, the landlord must refund the security deposit within 30 days. Rent would be the negotiated RPP rate.


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